Daily Archives: August 8, 2015


I am watching a cat for a friend. Well, if things work out I will continue to watch the cat. Right now she is growling and hissing at my cat, and myself, quite a bit. I am trying to be sedulous and just give her space to relax and feel comfortable. I am sure she just feels scared. My cat is being mellow, except when she is being hissed at, which no one likes and then she starts to get upset and hiss back. Cats.

I once again only had one day off. I have to work today, and I feel tired. I don’t want to work. This also appears to be my last week in the deli on a regular basis, and it appears I will be moving back to produce. I’d rather stay in the deli and work with Tammy, but I doubt I will be given the option since it now appears the deli is close to fully staffed.

I just feel like I need a day to sleep, and read, and write. Not this kind of writing, but real writing. I was reading from Sylvia Plath’s journals yesterday. It always makes me want to journal more myself, write more myself, express more myself. I fail too often in all those regards.

I need to be more sedulous about writing.