Daily Archives: August 17, 2015

Another day off

I have one more day off, and then I work for six days in a row. Then a weekend and eight days in a row.

I’ve accomplished a lot over the last two days I had off, before the one day I worked yesterday. Today I got even more done. But it mostly feels good just to relax.

Been thinking about my dreams. I don’t remember details of them. I do recall feelings some what. Mostly they are dreams where I am trying to reach a goal. My dreams feel like movies.

I have been watching DVDs of a history of London from the Teaching Company. It is due back to the library.

On my list today was blogging – see present effort. Also, DuoLingo, Vocabulary.com and Code Academy which I have accomplished. I am now on a four-day streak in DuoLingo. It says I now know 50 percent of Spanish. I haven’t taken up the French and German lessons I previously started.

I feel like I wrote so deeply yesterday. I sometimes hate writing so profoundly, because all the the words I write for days afterwards feel so mundane.