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Scott Walker drops out of 2016 race – CNNPolitics.com

Scott Walker announced Monday he is dropping out of the GOP presidential race.

Source: Scott Walker drops out of 2016 race – CNNPolitics.com

Walker wasn’t my favorite. But he could have made a good candidate and I think he would have done a decent job as president. This campaign is being destroyed by Donald Trump and the herd of also-rans in the race. Some of them are running again, which is insane. If you understand insanity as repeating the same task and hoping for a different outcome. Yes, I mean you Huckabee and Santorum.

There are still too many people in the race. I would still hope for Huckabee and Santorum to be the next two out of the race.

The Shoes

The shoes weren’t clean. She didn’t want them clean. They still diffused a slight odor of sweat into the air. It was her sweat.

As a child she dreamed of being a dancer. Like other girls dream of being a princess. And she was a dancer. Her life was dance.

Now she shuffles from bed to toilet to bed to the big couch in front of the TV. Her legs are sore and her ankles swollen. For over 60 years she danced. Now she shuffles.

Every morning though she passes those shoes. In her mind her body is young. She is still a dancer. With the scent of sweat, the images come back to her. In her mind she is dancing again. She is not old. She doesn’t have a walker. She does not shuffle.

But life was good. Those shoes are the last of many. Many shoes on many stages in countless plays and musicals. The world once so big, was her stage. And the music played for her alone.

Now her world is smaller. One small bed. A hallway and a small bathroom. A kitchen/den/dining room combination. Once she danced across continents. Now she shuffles across rooms.

(This was written using a photo of dance shoes as a prompt. In the photo a map was sewn into the soles of the feet. It wasn’t until after writing this, I saw the maps.)