Daily Archives: October 28, 2015

Two Books

I think this blog is turning into the incubator of two novels. It is turning out to be the best blog I have done so far. In time I might start a third. Of course they are all rough around the edges and future work will involve some deep editing.

The Star

The Star card is about focus. A star stands out in the darkness. A single point of light. Like a mind focused. What do we focus on? What do we need to focus on?

In the last card we experienced The Tower, which removed our illusions.

The star represents both a singularity as well as a duality. There is one star in the sky. Like the star leading the wisemen to Jesus. But the light of the star sets up a duality with the dark sky.

The Star card more than most other cards is calling us to grow. Not is a hurried manner, but in a deliberate way. We need to create a space of stillness within ourselves. And it is within this space we will grow.

The next card in the journey is The Moon card. Under the light of The Moon secrets are shared. We tap into our inner wisdom. And discover a strength the world doesn’t know about, neither do we. As storms have rolled across the surface. Underneath a seed has been sprouting.

The Star is card seventeen. And the seven is a reminder to the sacred truth which cannot be destroyed. This is a truth we already know. And when we take this truth into our heart, we add our one. The number eight is a number of power. By focusing on what is eternal we see where true power lies.

The Star card is preparing us for the changes ahead. Finding a peace and strength inside makes changes easier. Stars are the mothers of everything you see. In the early universe none of the elements of life existed. And they were created in the hot heart of stars. And the stars would give their lives in creating the elements.

Like stars a quiet meditative place can be fertile ground. Like Carl Jung who went through his Dark Night of the Soul. And it enriched his work and his life. In the rich soil of healing and rest, our future selves are being born. Like seeds germinating in the ground.

If our lives are busy. The Star card is suggesting it is time to take a breathe. We can be too busy to see the early sprouts of new life. The new life of richness meant for us. And we don’t water the sprouts. We are so busy looking for the next big thing. We miss the next small thing. And the small thing dies before it can become the biggest thing in our lives.

Like a dream I had of being on a beautiful mountain. Then having worries about work. We can focus on the beautiful world where we were born to live. Or we can focus on the hum-drum small-minded problems of the mundane world. Which isn’t to suggest we need to drop our responsibilities. But hope for a change. Believe in a change. Water the small light in your soul. Give it your love. Give it your hopes. Allow it to slowly grow and mature.

Today chop wood and carry water. Because wood must be chopped and water must be carried. But also encourage your own dreams. And one day your dreams will encourage you.

The Star is asking us to believe we are stars. We have the potential creative energy of a star within ourselves. And the ability to transform our world and give life to our dreams. But not only our own dreams, but everyone’s dreams. When we live our own dreams we make it easier for everyone to live their dreams. While The Star card has a single star, in the night sky there are billions of stars.

When you become a star, you can become a guide for the whole world. And the whole world is dying every day. The whole world is being born everyday. And the whole world needs a star.