Moon for Jan. 31

Today is an active day for the moon. It is half-way to being a new moon. Times of waxing for the moon are times of release. Let go of things. End a job or a relationship. Today the moon is in Scorpio. Early in the day it trines Neptune. Feelings emerge from deep in our mind. The best path for expression will be imagination. Try and take a moment for art today. If we fail to acknowledge these feelings. They can become twisted and more extreme. Every part of ourselves is true. We are made of pure love. There are two things which scare us. The first are lies which need to be released. The second are truths which need to be accepted. Later in the afternoon Venus trines the moon. Have friends over. You may feel a pull towards being social. But don’t let this be an escape. Take time for yourself today as well. Think about the truths of your values. And how true are those truths. In the evening the sun squares the moon. Our ego puts our emotions in check. It is tempting to side with the ego. But if we took a moment with Neptune. We are more likely to side with our emotions. This is in part preparing us for a shock. When Mercury square Uranus. These two planets will shake up our ideas.

The Magician

The Magician is card one. With this card the trip starts. The Fool is the journey. Or is it ourselves. We meet The Magician at our door step. Like Bilbo Baggins. An adventure awaits. The adventure of life.

The Magician stands solid on the ground. One hand extends to the sky. In it is a wand. The wand is The Magician’s tool. It is the tool used to channel energy. It is used to direct focus. In this case it is directing the energy from the sky. The Magician is drawing down magic. Because the source of all magic is the one. And the strongest magic is love.

The Magician’s other hand points to the ground. The energy coming from the sky. Is sent to the ground. What The Magician does is take unseen energy, and make it seen. The energy of the universe. Is channeled into form. We are all magicians. Because we create this world as a shadow of our will. We make choices. And set up beliefs and ideas about the world. These choices. These ideas and beliefs. They become our world. Where The Magician is different is focus. We fail to focus, and often focus on failure.

The Magician is wearing two garments. The outside is red. A color of passion. Show the world your passion. Be passionate. But underneath the passion keep your pure heart. We see this purity in the white garment worn close to the skin. This is a reminder we are made of love, and will always be love. A purple belt ties the inner garment. This is a reminder of our status as children of God.

On the table are a cup, a sword, a pentacle and a staff. These are the symbols for the four elements. But also for the four suits of the tarot. The Magician gives us all the tools we need. Tools for our emotions, cups. Tools for our mind, swords. Tools for the material realm, pentacles. And tools for our energy, staff. These are all the tools we need. Once we have learned their power. We will be unstoppable. Which is to say, we will no longer stop ourselves. These tools are on the table between the viewer and The Magician. They are a gift given to all of us.

Above The Magician’s head is the symbol of infinity. This is a reminder from where our power comes. And a reminder of its unlimited nature. We are one with God. And God puts no limits on love. The greatest power of all.

Around The Magician are red roses. These are a reflection of the rose from The Fool. It is our senses. They have increased our passion. But also made them more personal. We have lost a purity in our passion. But gain a focus. The rose itself is a symbol for love. But at this point in our journey will still can’t see pure love. So we see our attached love.

The Magician is calling you to explore your power. You have skills you are not using. Tools are available to you. And you let them lay around. The universe is inviting you to grow. It is encouraging you to take your power back. It wants you to be the best you possible. The universe can give you the tools. But it cannot give you the will. You need to take the wand. Focus your mind. Change yourself and your world for the better.

The Magician can transform many things. But the greatest magician transforms themselves. This card is calling for you to take this step. You are being given the magic. And the tools to make a change. End a relationship you have outgrown. Quit a job below your ability. Discover a new skill or talent. Develop an old skill or talent in a new way.

This card is about being born into your life. We are born over and over. And it can be painful. But recall the beauty of a bigger life on the other side. Just do it. Because you are made of love. You will always be love. And you deserve to be your best. The world deserves your best.

Something to believe in…


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Astrology for the Soul January 27, 2016

Moon for Jan. 30

Today the moon is calm. Not much action until tonight. The moon is void of course all day. You could feel rootless. The moon void of course is not a time for plans. Void of course periods are unconnected times. We may lack direction. This is a good time for focus on ourselves. Also not a good time for shopping. The moon is leaving Libra. But most of the day still feels its power. And Venus is sextile Mercury. Venus is the ruler of Libra. It could be a day for romance. If you have someone, Neptune draws you closer. Its deep emotions bonding you. Neptune was the ruler of the ocean. And Venus was the ruler of the heart. We feel comfortable with our emotions. Those who are single may feel a deep bond with a friend. Or find love hidden before their eyes. Be open to your heart. And you emotions. Moving into Scorpio is a powerful change. Ruled by Pluto. It is the deepest of the signs. It could push our romance deeper. Or a friendship deeper. Or our love for ourselves. Remember only love is real. And there is only one love. Today is a day to relax and feel the love.

Moon for Jan. 29

There is a lot going on today. The moon remains in Libra. This will help us keep balance. And give us perspective. Turn to friends today. Don’t go it alone. Early in the day the moon trines the sun. This puts us in a place where we feel connected to our emotions. Two parts of ourselves. Which are often at odds work together. Our emotions can make us stronger. Or they can make us weaker. In large part it depends on our comfort with our emotions. Next the moon sextiles Saturn. Limits are our friends today. We feel the need to say no. And if we do it will do us good. Knowing our limits makes us stronger. In the afternoon Mercury squares the moon. Emotionally we question our ideas. Our mind is doubting our hearts. We could choose to listen to either. But the best is take the Libra energy and listen to both. A square soon follows of Pluto and the moon. Deep doubts surface. Pluto is a powerful planet. With a sexual energy. This brings a focus to these bonds. Do we trust our partners. Or those we wish were partners. Our doubts will only grow. When Uranus opposes the moon. We begin to feel different. But in a bad way. We question why others may be lucky. And why are not. We feel alone emotionally. And this makes us doubt ourselves. Remember the moment in the sun this morning. Because doubts grow as the day passes. At the end of the day Mercury aligns with Pluto. We begin to move out of our emotions. Our heart could lose to our heads. Mental energy becomes stronger. Emotions weaker. We need a friend more than ever.