Daily Archives: February 1, 2016

Moon for Feb. 1

Today is caucus day in Iowa. And it looks like a good day for Trump – sadly. The moon remains in Scorpio. This brings us deep. If we have open hearts. We go deep into our hearts. Deep into our emotions if we can allow our emotions. Early in the morning Mars conjuncts the moon. We have a passion today. This brings deep energy to the surface. And fuels a hot flame. We feel our hearts beating. Also in the morning Pluto sextiles the moon. A transformation comes into our lives. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. This deep dark planet is our shared power. This could be sexual energy. Or a passion we share with a partner. Push into these connections. Be open to what they may bring you. An aspect with Mercury is next. A sextile with the moon a few hours later. Our minds and hearts align. This is a good time to talk about our passions. Tell someone you are attracted to them. Later in the day Jupiter sextiles the moon. This could bring a moment of luck. It is almost sure to boost your faith. Oh, about Trump. Scorpio could stir up a lot of fears. Trump has run a race on fear. With an alignment with Mars adding anger. Making people crave power. A need for action. These feelings will be easy to express thanks to Mercury. And a caucus is about talking to others. Late in the day Jupiter’s energy may come to late. Trump is a Saturn candidate. Jupiter energy will bring many out of his sway.