Daily Archives: February 4, 2016


The Hot Librarian is at the desk today. She has her hair tied back in a pony tail. Wearing a long-sleeve maroon shirt. Over which her puffy jacket vest. Right now she is talking to two patrons. How can I focus on anything else. I don’t have a clear view of her. But I did when I sat down. We exchanged “hellos.” My hands feel like they can’t type today. Now she walked away to help a young girl. The Maroon colored top extends past her waist. It may be a dress. She has a grey scarf around her neck. Now she is helping a male patron. He has dark hair, a dark mustache. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt, and blue jeans. If only I needed help, I could talk to her. I could make something up. But I would feel so nervous about lying it just wouldn’t work. It would be like the song about the guy who calls the operator. She is drinking out of a mug. She is talking to a woman in a blue sweat jacket. The woman has blonde hair, tied back in a bun. Oh here come the other librarian. Does this mean the hot one is leaving? I hope not. The blonde has small earrings. A friend is waiting as she chats. Her friend has long brown hair. Down around her shoulders. She is wearing a green jacket, army green. I goes down past her waist. She is browsing books while she waits. Walking around with her hands behind her back. She looks like she is ready to leave. She has a friendly face. In the front of her jacket are two big pockets. The hot librarian is still chatting with the blonde woman. She fidgets with her hands. She wears a ring on her right hand – on the finger of Apollo. She had such cute lips. And sexy dark rimmed glasses. The other librarian is back and also chatting with the blonde. The hot librarian likes talking with her hands. The brown hair friend is standing near. She has on slim brown pants. Now she has walked away. The sleeves of the Hot One are rolled. Pulled back from her delicate hands. Her banks hang down just above the rims of her glasses. They cover her brown eyebrows. Her hair appears to be a natural dark brown color. From my perspective it is hard to see its length. The hot librarians hands rest on her keyboard. Like she has work her mind is thinking about getting done. But she continues to chat with the blonde. Her dark eyes are focused on her screen. The blonde is named Katrina. The Hot One has a badge on a lanyard around her neck. It has a photo of her. In the photo her hair is lighter, almost with a red shade. But her bangs are styled the same. She has delicate wrists. Visible under her shirt as she points something out to Katrina. The blonde woman is talking about buying white boards. They are looking up something online. Exchanging email addresses. Her friend is still waiting. She wears light brown leather boots. The fit under her dark brown pants. At this point she appears to me to be more than ready to go. The Hot One is picking up movies. An older man has sat down across from me. He leans over the newspaper. Now I can see the Hot Librarian’s amazing smile as she stands between the monitors. But she has returned to typing and hiding behind the screen. The older man is reading from The Wall Street Journal. Now the Hot One is talking to a younger male library worker. On her right hand she has a ring on her ring finger. Could she be married. I wouldn’t be surprised. She is going into a drawer, and pulling out some papers. Her fingers rest for a moment on the desk. Katrina is back. The Hot One has such a happy and bubbly personality. No the ring on her left hand is on the middle finger. Her white mug says “The Terrible Two.” Now she is helping a patron who is looking for something. But the other librarian went to search. Her hands look so soft and pretty. Next to me a young girl is reading a magazine. I hardly noticed she sat down. She appears to be in her teens. I still can’t tell where the ring is on her left hand. She is fidgeting with the ring. It is on her middle finger. Not her ring finger, so she may not be married. She is writing on a clipboard. She just saw me looking at her. And is chatting with the fellow librarian. They are walking away from the desk together. She has on light brown leather boots with heels. No one is at the desk now. Will she return? The girl next to me is playing with her cellphone. Looking up music maybe. She has on headphones. The young male librarian has come back to the desk. He is wearing a white dress shirt with red stripes. He is helping an older female patron. At the children’s table a man in a blue dress shirt leans on a chair. She has returned. Try not to stare. She is at the other computer. I can see her name badge more clearly. But she has walked away again. The man in the blue shirt leans on a chair. In the chair a young boy is using a tablet and wearing headphones. The man is doing something with his cellphone. I heard her walking behind me. I knew it was her. She has a movie cover in her hand. Now she is walking to the back office. The man is helping the boy with something on the tablet. Or the boy is sharing something with the man. The older man across from me continues his reading. The young girl has left. To my left is a woman with a pink knit hat. She is using one of the express internet terminals. You only get 15 minutes. She is wearing a black puffy coat with long sleeves. Her thin hands typing away on the keyboard. Her fingers long and white. The keys are square and black. I may have seen the last of the Hot One for today. The younger male librarian has taken over the desk. Outside it is getting dark. Without the Hot One in view there is little to write about inside. At the children’s table a woman is checking the catalog. She gets up. The woman wears a purple jacket. The man with no personality is here. He has a strange pattern on his dress shirt. And blue jeans. The young librarian is at the desk. The one with the red-stripped shirt. His name is Nicholes. The older man goes on reading across from me. The children have left. And so has the woman in the purple coat. Where did the Hot One go? There are few sounds right now. Typing and books on shelves. Someone put a sticker of a smiley face on the computer monitor across from me. The lights on the inside begin to reflect on the windows as it darkens outside. The older man tucks away his newspaper and gets up to go. Now I am mostly alone. And my computer is being slow. A librarian in a white dress shirt has come out. The shirt has blue stripes in a square pattern. The man is balding. Has dark rimmed glasses. But he has now left the desk. Maybe I should post this soon. And do something else. Look for material for tonight poetry reading. Or I could go and not read. I am not sure I am in a reading mood. It is harder and harder to see out the windows. A man near the children’s table watches a boy. He has on a dark grey sweatshirt. Rugged blue jeans and boots complete the picture. The boy is using a computer. A rugged man with grey hair is looking at movies. He wears a dark jacket. Black jeans and leather hiking boots. A younger woman joins him. The browse the same section. But separately. What is the job of a librarian. Helping people find books. Looking up things online. I wonder what the young man at the desk is doing now. Work research. Just surfing the web waiting for someone to need help. Thinking about the hot girl he works along side. I shouldn’t call her a girl. She seems to be young. Her energy is young. But she could be in her 30s. I think it is time to post this and move on to something else.

Moon for Feb. 4

For most of Thursday the moon is void of course. It enters the next sign late in the day. The next sign is Capricorn. The last aspect is with Jupiter. A square early in the morning. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Doubts may haunt us today. The ideas of the Sage moon sound good. But how do we feel about those ideas. This makes the void period harder. A period of normal restless energy. Do we go with our hearts or our minds. This debate came at us yesterday as well. Try and flip a coin. While it is still in the air. Your body will tell you the answer. Because you will feel the tension around what side you hope will be up. As the moon enters Capricorn our focus changes. The sign of the Sea Goat is about ambition. A good time to think about your career. Think about where you want to go. And if you are on the right track.

(P.S. I kind of missed a day. Sorry about the error.)

Moon for Feb. 3

There is a lot going on Wednesday. The moon is in Sagittarius. A high minded sign. A philosophical sign. The sign of the sage. Early in the day the moon squares Neptune. Deep emotions pull us out of high thoughts. It is hard to be in both your heart and your mind. You may feel stuck in between. Later Mars will sextile Pluto. This creates transformation. Pluto brings change. This change may be related to love. Or a deep belief. If a warrior fights wars. Modern man has causes. Something may be changing in one of your causes. Or a change at work. Later in the morning we see the sun and Saturn sextile. This will bring clarity to our sense of self. The limits of Saturn help us define our egos. But don’t allow this definition to be set in stone. The moon moves into action next. It opposes Saturn near the middle of the day. We feel an emotional pull. It pulls us away from limits. On an emotional level we seek change. We seek freedom. The moon and sun meet next. This sextile joins our hearts and wills. And we continue to deal with limits. The moon in Sagittarius brings high minded concepts. And from the sun in Aquarius we get out of the box ideas. Late in the day Uranus trines the moon. It is time to let your freak flag fly. As the day goes along we feel more free. From the sun sextile Saturn. Until the moon trine Uranus. Be open to many changes today. Both in yourself. And in your ideas of the world.