Daily Archives: February 6, 2016


So lets look at the field.

Jeb Bush: I never thought I’d say I hope he wins. He is one of the sane ones. Along with Chris Christie and John Kasich. Bush has an optimistic solid message. His focus is on small government.

Ben Carson: Has little chance. And has done nothing to show me he could be president. He also goes off the deep end.

Chris Christie: Would be a strong second choice. But haunted by scandals. I believe he could work with people. Make deals with both sides. I’m not sure I trust Christie. Defunding Planned Parenthood doesn’t win my vote.

Ted Cruz: One of the crazy four. I don’t trust Ted Cruz. His trick in Iowa was a theft of the election. A lot of rhetoric and extremism. Cruz like a couple of the others are too negative. He is focused on attack.

John Kasich: A friendly guy. I am sure he would make a good president. But on the one hand he comes across weak. On the other he leans towards the crazy side of the party. He best stance is immigration and economics.

Marco Rubio: Is inexperienced. Is too extreme. Is a slippery politician. More than anything I don’t trust him. I disagree with her stands. He focuses to much on Obama.

Donald Trump: Wrong on so much. I doubt he would be a good leader. His stand on immigration is wrong. And what he said about Muslims is wrong. Trump would be bad for America. He would harm our standing in the world.

I am growing more conservative. But not on social issues. When it comes to gay rights. Candidates like Carson, Rubio, Cruz lose my vote. Them plus Trump are the crazy four. On social issues Bush and Christie are better. On abortion, I don’t agree with anyone.

Moon for Feb. 6

So much going on Saturday. Lets get started. The moon is void of course early. And for most of the day. Tonight the moon moves into Aquarius. It starts in Capricorn. Early morning the moon hits Mars. Their sextile brings a passion to the day. Mars can be hot blooded. Ready for action. You feel on an emotional level ready to take a step. Later in the morning Mercury aligns with the moon. They are working as one. The passion in your heart. And your mind reach for the same goals. Think about what you have to do. Real steps to reach your passion. It can be done. A few moments later Jupiter trines the moon. This may be too much of a good thing. Take courage and faith from Jupiter. But don’t get drunk on optimism. Remember Mercury and the steps. Jupiter may tempt you to think bigger and bigger. And big thinking is great. But it takes little steps. A sextile with the sun and Uranus will encourage you to step out of line. To find a divergent path to your goal. You can’t get something new, unless you do something new. You will feel motivated to step out of your comfort zone. But it still won’t be easy. Next is Jupiter trine Mercury. This could push you over the edge. Stay grounded. Little steps for a long journey. But don’t be too grounded. This may be the moment you need. The few brave free moments to change your life. A square with Venus and Uranus comes later. This will push you down the lone path. To take the path less traveled. Social fears will hold some back. But if you have been focused on change all day. Then this moment will set you free. Be free. Be love.