Daily Archives: February 8, 2016

Moon for Feb. 8

Happy Chinese New Year: the year of the Monkey. Today is also a new moon in Aquarius. Time for something new. Open a new chapter. Start a new story. Give birth. Find love. Begin a journey. Perhaps a journey within. Aquarius encourages you to take the lone path. The path less traveled. Think outside the box. And escape if only for a few moments today. Set goals for yourself today. Nothing grand. But small goals. Give yourself until the full moon. Reset the clock with a friend. Let the past go. Let the pain go. Be friends again. Early the moon sextiles Uranus. The ruler of Aquarius. This increases the pull off the beaten path. Do something out of your comfort zone today. A little later Mars will square the moon. Mars is the planet of heart and passion. Your emotions don’t feel deep. Your response could be to go deeper. Or to walk away. New Moons are deep because everything is so new. Like a friend you haven’t connected with yet. Still in the morning the sun aligns with the moon. You feel a strong focus to be you today. You in a way no one else can. Don’t be afraid. Be you. Today is your day, you have nothing to lose. Start a new habit for yourself. In two days Lent starts.