Daily Archives: February 10, 2016

The Empress

The Empress is mom. Mother Earth. The primal goddess.

On the card we see a woman on a thrown. It is a rich seat. Not the simple square of the priestess. The Empress enjoys the pleasures of the world. Physical comfort are important.

In front of her we see grain. This connects her to the deities of the past. Ancient mothers like Isis, Venus, Ishtar. Grain is so important to humans. The Empress is the source of grain. The source of life.

At her feet is a shield. We begin to get a hint of something else. With the advent of grain man made more wars. The Empress is a ruler. Not just a mother. Or rather a mother ruler. She is willing to fight to defend what is hers. The shield shows she is prepared for battle. But she doesn’t have a sword. Her intentions are not to conquer, but the defend.

Venus is the goddess we think of relating to love. She arose from the ocean after her father’s penis was cut off. Like Athena she comes to the world fully formed. Male dominated cultures did this to explain older deities. The cults of the goddess are ancient. On the shield of The Empress is the sign of Venus.

But like The Empress Venus was a warrior.

This card has the number three. It isn’t just about the mother. But also the child. The primal third. We are her children. And she is our mother. Our protector and guide.

On her head is a crown. This crown shows her right to rule over her creation. The words mater, material and mother have the same root.

In the background we see evergreen trees. This shows the eternal nature of the life of The Empress. But it also shows her perennial giving. The mother gives all.

And there can be a problem with a mother giving all. A mother who always protects. Because mothers need to let go. Children need to grow. They need to be able to take care of themselves. And to be able to defend themselves. Children need to grow away from mom. And sometimes she makes it hard.

One more shadow side of the card is death. As the giver of life, she gives death. We see this on a narrow scale. But she sees the big picture. Where there is no death. The stream shows the flow of life. It always brings life into the world. And takes it away.

This card can have a range of meaning. Are you the mother? Do you need a mother in your life right now? What is your relationship with your own mother? With the earth? Or your body?

A mother figure may be entering your life. Or you may be taking on a mothering role. Either way remember the blessings of the role. But also take heed of the limits. Mothering has its place. We need the love of our mothers. It supports us as we grow. Gives us courage. It is what we use to believe in ourselves. Before we know how to believe in ourselves.

You may not be mothering a child. It could be a pet. Or a project needing a lot of your attention. And maybe a project you need to let go. Or to share with others. So you aren’t so burdened by the work. It takes a village to raise a child. The mother doesn’t have to go it alone. Unlike The Priestess she has a partner. We meet him next.

Moon for Feb. 10

There is a lot of activity today. Moon is in Pisces. Early on it squares Saturn. This will ground us today. The moon in Pisces is dreamy. But the planet Saturn helps to wake us. Later a sextile with Pluto brings a deep perspective. This outer planet is always on the other side. But by being far away it holds a grander vision. Look for this big picture. A shared vision. As the day starts Mars will trine the moon. This can charge us to fight for our dreams. To give our hearts. Or it can trigger fears. We either fight or flight. Around mid-day Jupiter opposes the moon. Today is a day to think about career. Set your goals high today. But keep grounded. Jupiter could encourage blind faith. A reckless ambition. Next are two sextiles. One with Venus and the moon. This will happen just after the middle of the day. Love could be a focus again. Your values and your emotions come close. There is a need to reach out to friends. Or to meet new people. Be open to love. Late in the day is sextile with Mercury. This will bring an expression to your dreams. Mercury is the gods messenger. Use this ability to cross realities to bring your dreams to the rest of us. Remember only love is real.

My Plan for Lent

My plan for Lent.
1) No Sugar. This includes cakes, cookies and muffins. Also frozen yoghurt. But not regular yoghurt.

2) Drink only water. Plain water. Flat water.

3) Eat fruit every day. Fresh or canned fruits. Dried fruit also works. Nothing else counts.

4) Meditate three times a week.