Daily Archives: February 12, 2016

Moon for Feb. 12

Friday is an active day. The moon is in Aries. This brings a drive to the day. Aries is ready for action. Impatient and itching to go. Early in the day this eager moon meets Saturn. This trine could cause some problems. Saturn is about limits. About time and boundaries. The strong seek to win even with the limits. They may see them as a challenge. Others may give up. Pluto squares the moon next. This stirs up a lot of feelings. It brings issues to a boil. Being open to change will ease the process. Pluto is a transforming planet. And Aries is sometimes too willful to change. A following aspect may push us to rebel. Uranus will align with the moon. This planet is about the beat of your own drummer. Try to not be too willful. You can be too strong today. But rebellion can also be an escape. You see challenges too great. And instead of rising to meet them you write them off. They are not for me, you say. I make my own challenges. This only works if you actually do. Later in the day the sun sextiles the moon. The sun will bring a better mood for all. The sun adds its energy to the moon. The Aries moon. But the Aquarius sun also adds its own message. The message to be you. You may feel strong. You may feel weak. But the best policy is not to act from those spaces. The last aspect is Venus square the moon. Tonight is not the best time to be social. Spend time alone, write and reflect. The day may have been emotional. Take time to process these feelings.