Daily Archives: February 14, 2016

Moon for Feb. 14

Happy Valentine’s Day. The moon has not changed signs. It is in Taurus. This is an earth sign. A practical sign. Find a real way to express your love today. Avoid the grand gestures. Make it simple stupid. Early in the day we get the moon trine with Pluto. This brings strong emotions. And could result in changes in a relationship. Or in your business life. There is a moon trine with Jupiter next. This brings hope. It boosts our faith. We believe deeper in our bonds. We hold each other closer and believe in the future. Mars and the moon oppose each other next. This could sway moods. People may be a bit touchy. Try and not let small issues bother you. Hold to your love. Hold to what is true in you and the other person. Only love is real. As the day ends we get a sun and moon square. This could make us feel detached from our emotions. We feel in conflict with ourselves. And we may project this feeling on others. Today is a day of love though. So hold your own luggage. Look past your fears at the love around you.