Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Moon for Feb. 17

Venus was on the move yesterday. It entered Aquarius. This could bring a change of values. We may see a subtle shift in what we find attractive. Venus is the planet of love. So it governs our romantic bonds. But it is also the social planet. The bonds between friends. In addition it rules our values. Not to be confused by our ideas. Which are governed by Mercury. It is what we find attractive. Not just in people. But in many areas of life. from art to home design. Entering Aquarius we are drawn to the unusual. And maybe to the idea of freedom. A feeling of brotherhood. If we aren’t drawn to something outside the main stream. It is something new for us. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. This brings the restless lack of focus. We should move slowly today. A new attraction may tempt us. Bonds formed when the moon is void are not on firm footing. Around the middle of the day the moon enters a new sign. Cancer brings us home. It makes us feel safe. This safe space may support our new bonds. Or our new values. Later in the day the sun trines the moon. This is an ego boost. Our emotions and ego work together. Too often they are kept in a tense balance. But now they are close. Expect a boost of energy.