Daily Archives: February 19, 2016

Moon for Feb. 19

Our hearts open as the sun enters Pisces. The water sign makes us feel close. This is the last sign of the zodiac. And it feels the pull of the next world. Take this time to be still. Listen to the wind. At the cusp of Aquarius we still feel its pull. Pisces is a water sign. Like Cancer and Scorpio. This connects it to emotions. But also to intuition. To a spirit and energy which flows. Like Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius it is mutable. This makes it the most perceptive. Also it changes faster than any other sign. Finally it is a passive sign – versus an active one. All these traits create the image of the sage. Many born under this sign have a feel of wisdom. They have an aura of being old souls. We feel the energy which connects us all today. The moon enters Leo today. This is an expressive sign. A self assertive sign. This creates an interesting mix. The moon in the sign ruled by the sun. And the sun in a water sign with a strong connection to the moon. Our masks may be inside out today. We may show more than we wish, and feel we are putting on a great show. Those who have secrets to hide may see them come out. Avoid acting on an emotional need for attention. Early in the day the moon sextiles Jupiter. This brings a buoyancy to our day. We may feel a strong believe in humanity. But don’t be blind to those rare people who wish to cheat you. This is followed be a trine with Mars. The planet Mars is in Scorpio. A trine between Mars and the moon adds an emotional energy to the day. Mars is ready for action. Restless to lead into a new world. But today is not a day for action. For the moon is void of course most of the day.