Daily Archives: February 20, 2016

Moon for Feb. 20

With the moon in Leo we want attention. There is a pull to the spotlight. We may find ourselves playing a part today. Normally the moon can be quite dour. But Leo is ruled by the sun. And it pulls the moon into the party. Early in the day the moon is opposite Venus. This helps pull the crab out of its shell. Venus is the life of the party. The goddess of love. We may find ourselves falling in love today. Or retreating into ourselves to find love. Next the moon is opposite Mercury. There is a clash of mental and emotional energy. We know what is good for us. Our logic and reason tell us. Maybe we know we need to be social. But we are still holding back. There is still an agoraphobic child inside. Later in the day the moon has its only soft aspect. It meets with Saturn in a trine. Tired from a long day. Or just tired, we take comfort in routine. We feel safe with our limits. If we have been out going today. We come home to our own boundaries.