Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

Full Moon in Virgo

The moon moves into Virgo today. The sign of the virgin. In many pictures she is seen with grain. The earth sign is about service. But also structure. It is important for Virgo for things to be tidy. Ruled by Mercury like the sign of Gemini. It has a logical bend. Our emotions might feel pinned down. Like a butterfly. But this can be good for us. Take this moment to examine your feelings. Ask your self what is of value. This is also a full moon. Look for ways to wrap up projects. In particular ones focused on health. This is a good time to tie loose ends. If you have any organization work to do, get it done today. Today is also a day of release. We can end with this full moon a harmful pattern. We don’t have to walk over the coals again and again. Take care of yourself. Set a path by a different star. The moon is balanced with the sun. The sun is in Pisces. This could lure you to expect too much. Try and stay grounded. An easy way to stay grounded is to focus on the details. We can dream big dreams with Pisces. And plan the details to achieve with Virgo. Don’t let Pisces lure you into the clouds. Where you feel your dreams are unreachable. Or you don’t feel the need to chop wood and carry water. But don’t let Virgo anchor your ship. There is a time to chop wood and carry water. But there is a time to burn the wood and drink the water. Neptune also is opposite the moon. This is going to pull you out of your old thoughts. It will encourage us to view the world through different eyes. If we open our hearts and our minds. We find one path ending and another ready. But we miss the path if our eyes remain closed.