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Moon for April 30

Good morning Saturday. We wake to the moon in Aquarius. This sign is known for being odd. It stands alone. Ruled by the only planet which rolls in it orbit. The best place for you today may be by yourself. Understand you are unique. And your needs are not the same as others. Respect this and find your own happy today.

Early the moon is sextile Saturn. The moon is in the fixed sign of Aquarius. Saturn brings a fire energy. It is in Sagittarius. This mixes with air to create a hot passion. Stand your ground in who you are today. When you find what makes your heart sing. Hold on to it good. Saturn’s the planet of laws. But in this case the laws may be yours to write. Set a rule for yourself: “I don’t give up on myself.” And don’t break this rule. There is a responsibility in this choice. Take it serious.

In the afternoon the moon sextiles Uranus. The odd-ball ruler of Aquarius. This boosts the planet and the moon’s energy. Uranus is also in a fire sign: Aries. This sign is going to charge us up for a fight. And we may be ready for many foes. But the biggest foe is the one we are to ourselves. When we fail to believe in ourselves. Aries takes up many charges, but it needs Aquarius today. Because the odd-ball sign believes in itself. Uranus will urge you towards freedom. And push you to break the mold.

Late in the day is a square with Mercury and the moon. Our minds are on a different page today. And this slows our emotions. As our emotions slow our thoughts. Mercury in the sign of Taurus wants to take its time for everything. This makes us slow to make up our minds. We want to examine the issue. This is in contrast to the hype from the morning. All the fire energy has us wound up. And at the end of the day we find our calm in this aspect. Don’t make snap moves this morning. Wait until the dust settles.

Happy Birthday Kirsten Dunst.

Who cares…

I’m not sure if anyone cares about the Astrology posts. I’ve been enjoying doing them. And so I will keep them as part of the blog. But I do see they have become too much of the blog as of late. It has been a long week and I hope to write something better soon. I’m sorry.

Moon for April 29

Friday is an active day. The moon moves into Aquarius early. This is the sign of being you. Those with this as a birth sign stand out. And today you may feel the need to be you. To fill some role or do some thing which only you can. Fill your dharma today. Do it every day. But today it will be easier to see and easier to focus on. So step out and be brave.

Venus in Aries is squaring the moon. This early aspect spells trouble. There is an energy which pushes you forward. There isn’t enough time to be yourself. While these two planets are not opposed. They are not in agreement. The moon urges you to stand out by being away from the crowd. But Venus in Aries urges us to lead the crowd. Too often the leader of the crowd, does so at the cost of their own path. They just run to stay ahead of the pack. They don’t channel its energy or direction.

In the afternoon there is a sextile with Mars. This easy aspect hit the sign in Sagittarius. The fire sign of the wise man. The grand idea. Mars is going to feel restless. And it may make you restless. There are so many ideas on which way to go. Sagittarius has a supply of arrows. And if we are not careful we waste time and energy on ones which never land. Today we need focus. This aspect makes movement each. But it makes focus hard.

Venus is moving into Taurus next. This moves the planet into its home sign. The planet Venus is ruler of Taurus. As such it is both comfortable and powerful. Our values are becoming more solid. We are stepping away from the phase of high energy. We are moving into finding a lasting value. A stable value which doesn’t change from day to day. The trap in this is holding on to something long after its value has gone. We imagine what had value to us at one point always will. But this is not the case.

Finally the moon and sun square. We are not complete today. And we feel a dis-junction between our inner world and outer world. The sun is in Taurus still. The fixed earth sign. While the moon is in the fixed air sign. These two can work together. The sign of Aquarius offers the ideas. And the sign of Taurus the strength. But they can work to hold each other back. When Taurus doesn’t trust the ideas. And Aquarius doesn’t trust the will of the bull. Find a way to bring these two together today. Then you will be on the right road.

Today is Rod McKuen’s Birthday.

Ace of Pentacles

The Aces are seeds. This makes them easy to understand. But hard at the same time. There is so much raw energy. And potential.

The Ace of Pentacles may really be a seed. It is Spring time. A new beginning. The trite answer would be a marriage or a new job. There is nothing wrong with these. But they aren’t the full picture. Because it could be many things.

What we know is Pentacles is about the earth. It is about bringing into manifestation. The element of earth covers a wide area. From the money we earn in our lives. To the family and friends we love. Down to the art projects we create or the things we buy. A new house would be a new start in earth. And yes so would be a new job.

Sometimes we plant a seed and we don’t know what will grow. Yes, most farmers know they plant corn, or wheat. But there is still so much uknowns. Just because it is planted doesn’t mean it will grow. Just because it is watered doesn’t mean it will grow. And even if it does grow. There is no certainty of success. A cold snap could threaten. Or bugs could consume. Fires burn and rains flood our growing plants. Our plans face many risks as they emerge in the world.

And the Ace of Pentacles is all about the potential. But also about these risks. The next card in the deck is the Two of Pentacles. Sometimes our plans are either helped or harmed by other’s plans. Some people will have plans which support our own. And some will not. As we enter into the world with our seeds. We seek out allies. But even allies won’t support us 100 percent. Because they have their own paths. And those paths are not our paths. We may walk together for a time. But we always walk alone in the end.

And the truth of this is seen in the number one. We start alone. And in the end we are alone again. Even when we have friends and family in our lives. There are spaces inside ourselves where they cannot touch. But these spaces are ours. and they are meant to be ours.

At the end of this journey is home, family, wealth and success. These are the things which bring happiness, right? Maybe, but not always. It has to be the right family and friends for us. And wealth in itself is only part of the path to pleasure. While success is good. The wrong type of success is empty. We must do our own dharma and not another’s. Today with the planting of the seed is where we start. We are not farmers and don’t know 100 percent what crop our seed will grow. But if we plant with love. A love for ourselves and others. Then if we tend it with care and thought. We grow the happiness which will be of real value to our lives.

And if a crop isn’t right? A farmer might burn it, or turn it back into the soil. We must not be afraid to start over in our lives. Don’t put more and more resources into a wasted future. Since the plants return to the soil they feed the next plan. We may start over. But we do not start from zero.

This card for many may be a point of starting over already. You’ve lost something of real value. And now you begin to heal. As we heal, as we grow, as we plan. Listen to your body. One of my favorite new tricks is flipping a coin for answer. Take something you are 50-50 about and assign one to heads or tails. Then flip the coin in the air a fair height. While it is still in the air your body will be rooting for one or the other. If you think heads and there is a tension. You know what the answer is already.

Moon for April, 28

Welcome to Thursday. I hope you like it slow. The big news for the day is Mercury. It goes retrograde in Taurus. This means we need to give yourselves time for thought. Be easy on yourself. And others. Things are going to take longer today. And it may be harder to understand. Taurus is a slow sign. It is connected to the body. Ground yourself in your body today for calm.

The moon is still in Capricorn. The final day. If you’ve been working on goals for the last few days. Give it an extra push today. The Capricorn moon will help you focus. Will give you drive. And with good focus and will should come some success.

The moon and Pluto are in alignment. These two bodies are natural friends. But where the moon is our emotion. Pluto taps into deeper energy. There is a power we feel in our hearts today. It is through our emotions we can find a connection. Go into you heart, there is only one heart. Only love is real. And we are all made out of this love. When things are slow today. Or people don’t understand. Breathe and remember love.

Next the moon will square Uranus. This odd ball planet is testing us today. It is going to pull us towards one goal. A goal for us alone. The greatest gift you can give the universe. It is your own enlightenment. Do it. Uranus is pulling you to your own path today. And this is key. It is easy to fall off our path when helping others. We root for them at first. Then help them get up. And carry them for a little. Soon we walk their path instead of our own. If we are not careful. But Uranus tells us today, be unique. Remember you have a path only you can walk. And you cannot really walk another’s.

Late in the day Mercury will trine the moon. While what we want to say doesn’t come out. If we can find a way to send a heart message. it will be loud and clear. Give a friend a hug, a lover a kiss. A child a handshake. Even a thumbs-up can send a clear message. On a day when words are not easy.

Moon for April 27

It is Wednesday and the moon is in Capricorn. And our dreams still call. Many are going to be restless. Today might feel like a day to move. To reach for a goal. Almost any goal can make you feel better. If you dream it, you can do it. But find the little goals on the way to the big goals. Plan out your goals.

Early in the day the sun trines the moon. This is a good flow of energy. The sun is our ego. And the moon our soul. We have a unity of purpose. Both our outward and inward selves. While the moon is in Capricorn. The sun is currently in Taurus. This sign is about comfort. But also about possessions. This will prompt a search for the stable path. The path where we can move safely. In comfort and we don’t have to give up too much. But this can also be a path which prevents our growth.

In the afternoon a sextile between the moon and Neptune. This deep planet pulls away from surface concerns. And takes us to problems we all share. How can we achieve our goals. And help others at the same time. How can we find comfort, but also create comfort. But also how can we work as a team. Maybe there are people around us who can assist us in our goals. We do not have to dream alone. Think about allies today. Neptune is in Pisces. Don’t have a narrow view of how others can help you.

The last aspect of the day is with Jupiter. It will trine with the moon from the sign of Virgo. Currently moving retrograde. The message about Jupiter in Virgo is about service to others. About meeting our own internal needs. Through meeting the needs of others. And with the planet being retrograde. This is a message a lot of us will take to heart. Capricorn moon still strives for the best. But there are many ways of being the best. Sometimes the best for ourselves is the best for others as well. Often the best for others is the best for us.

Do good work today. There is a lot of earth energy today. Stay grounded, but remember to dream.

Moon for April 26

The moon moves to a new sign today. Toward the end of the day. It enters Capricorn. We may bet a burst of drive. An energy pushes us towards that goal. The mountain goat is the soul of Capricorn. And today It kicks our soul a little.

But it starts off in Sagittarius. In the first moments of the day is an aspect with Uranus. Many will sleep through the energy of this bond. But it might give you some odd dreams. It is a trine with Uranus in Aries. Inspiration may come from odd places today. Be on the look out for any little spark to light your fire.

The next aspect is later in the morning. The moon trines Venus. Another easy aspect. Today should be a day of easy flow. But easy flow days are often the least productive. Because we go with the flow too much. With Venus also in Aries. Expect an attraction to fire. We feel a desire for things red and hot. But on a real level ambition is what we crave today. Those who have it will seek ways to express it. And those who don’t have it may seek it. The place where it rests is in your heart. Aries too often will lead you to search in your head.

Then the moon goes void of course. Until late in the afternoon. A time for pause. Because nothing much can be done. Take a breath. Think about what comes next. Because the Capricorn moon comes rushing in with energy. It wants us to be focused. It takes focus to be a mountain goat.

There is a lot of fire energy today. But as we move through the day this energy should calm. Capricorn is an earth sign. And the first aspect tomorrow is with an earth sign. But as we find solid ground. Hold the ember of passion in your heart. Use it to fuel your success.

A whole group of Friends in one person (Chapter 2)

She danced from one room to the next. Picking up a dress. Then putting down a shoe. Sitting down for a moment. The desk in front of her covered in make-up. Her laptop open with a new song. She was writing her life. And creating herself every day.

Jane was an artist. Her work was in demand. A show on Broadway ended last week. Now she sat far away in London. This was the life she dreamed about as a child. She would put on her best dress. Then sing to her parents. And sometimes she would sing at church.

Picking up lip stick she puckered her lips. Thick and red the color went on her lips. She smiled to make sure it wasn’t on her teeth. Today was not a day for having lipstick on her teeth. Her cellphone rattled in her bag. But she didn’t notice.

Today was her the first day she would rehearse with Elton John. They were working together on a show for charity. She was a Gemini, so while she wanted to help others. Details were not her thing. Which group was the charity for? She knew and she didn’t remember. But Elton had told her it was a good cause.

There were many charity shows she did over the years. And at times she wondered about where the money went. She didn’t want to end up like Cat Stephens. He couldn’t even fly into the U.S. anymore.

Looking up at the mirror she checked her progress. Then down she looked at the song. The words were coming along one at a time. Like reluctant children. You know in the end they will come. But you just wish they could be more behaved. The words just didn’t want to listen to her. They fought her. And she pushed back into the void against them.

Her pen was stuck between her teeth. With a firm focus she searched for the next word. But she knew it was a problem. Like trying to fall asleep. The more you try the harder it is. She needed a moment away. And her phone started to flash and vibrate again. This time she picked up the call.

“Charles,” she answered.

“Jane,” he said. “What will I do?”

Being in the theater Jane knew about drama. But no one did drama like her brother. Once he called about a snow storm. Where would he find three months worth of food he asked her. He misunderstood the news. It was a three day storm. And they said it would be a cold winter. He flew into a panic.

She looked at her watch. The party didn’t start for two hours. But now she wanted an excuse to get off the phone already. She loved her dear brother. He was the eternal support in her play growing up. When ever she needed a leading man. Or someone to play a horse. Or anything she asked of him. But in some ways he had never grown up himself. And while she was about the world with her own play. He stayed at the family home with his old toys.

“How’s the old car running?” she asked.

“I started it last night,” he offered. “But, I didn’t drive it so it wouldn’t get wet. It might rain today. The weather man said there was a chance.”

It was the driest month of the year, August. But she figured it wasn’t worth the discussion. If he didn’t want to drive, it was okay with her. But she still felt like it would be a step which would help him get off the farm. A step she felt like he needed. Her life was so full of life. And their other sister was so on the edge. But Charles waited like a hurt puppy about his feeding dish.

“Listen Charles…” she started. But it was too late. The finger had been pulled from the dike. Now the ocean was flooding in on her. She could hear his tears through the phone. He was sobbing in a deep stress.

“You don’t have time?” he whispered.

“No… I mean yes,” she vacillated. “What dear brother is the problem?”

The “dear brother” came out sarcastic and she felt it. But, he never listened to the tone of her words. And he didn’t today.

“They’re going to get dust on my cattle,” Charles blurted into the phone.

“Wait, our cattle?” her tone changed to alarm. She may mock the farm and her brother. But it supported her lifestyle in no small degree. Even the powerful attorney sister needed the resources of the farm at times.

“My cattle,” Charles firmly stated. For the last five years he was the only family member on the farm. So he felt like the livestock were his. He would share the income, but they were his.

“Yes, Charles,” she relented. “Tell me the story.”

Over the next three hours she tried to stay awake. But it wasn’t clear what the weather last week had to do with the neighbors. And what was this about the county commissioners. She listened with the polite yeses and nos until he stopped crying. Now she was late for the party.

“Have you called New York,” she tried to push him off on their other sister. The ram of the family.

But just listening was calming to Charles. He was breathing normal. He could form his words without sounding like a drunk. And it was time for Jane to let him go. It was late where he was and she was late.

“I have a party to go to Charles,” Jane inserted into the discussion. “One of the princes are going to be there.”

“You always understand me Jane,” Charles emoted. “Thank you for listening.”

But she hadn’t listened, and now she felt bad. She explained to her brother neither of the princes of England could help him. Then wished him a goodnight’s rest.

Charles sat down. Put the phone down on the cradle. It was nearly dead now. And he was exhausted. It wasn’t like him to spend hours on the phone. However, he felt like his very life was in danger. They’ll get dust on my cattle, he thought to himself. Walking into the kitchen for a glass of water.

Jane rushed to the party which was just starting.

“Am I late dears,” she asked strolling through the door. She imagined it to be fashionable late.

“Late,” a friend replied. “You are like a whole group of friends in one person. We could never really start the party without you.”

The Library

I hear her. A voice floating through the air. It is like butterflies. Or rainbows. Like a shooting star. And then it is gone.

The library is quiet today. A man in his thirties watches cat videos on his iPad. A smile breaks across his face. The light blonde hair is cut short. But has the wavy curls of a toddler. Next to him sits a black bag. Its yellow letters spell out: Evolution Kills. Dinosaurs are shown turning into birds. Then into chickens and dinner. He is wearing a light blue dress shirt. Buttoned up neatly. He has a young face. But an air of being older.

Next to me sits on older man. His dark skin suggests his family came from India. He reads the economist. After putting aside USA Today. The man’s white hair is combed back. It flows straight back from his face. Which is framed by a pair of glasses. Their gold rims shine against his dark skin. He wears a black sweatshirt. Under which is a turquoise shirt. He holds the magazine at the tops of the pages. One side in each hand. Switching the page from one hand to the other.

I haven’t seen the hot librarian. Another balder librarian is here today. He wanders around. Looks out the window as cars rev their engines. Paces like a cat waiting for you to leave the room. The bus stops outside the window, and the blonde man looks. Then goes back to what appears to be Twitter. People still use Twitter.

Just the three of us sit at the table. A man walks by the window in a dark coat. The librarian talks on the phone. He rolls his eyes under his dark rimmed glasses. They sit thick on his face. There is a shine from the lights on his head. He wears a blue plaid pattered dress shirt. LIke a picnic table. Where is the hot librarian?

A young girl uses one of the children’s computers. Where is her mommy? She jams her hand like listening to music. On her head are the giant library headphones. A man browses the staff picks section.

The librarian has gone back to pacing. Now walking away. A young woman in black leggings walks past. And like a moment she is gone.

The man from India puts away the magazine. And gathers a new newspaper. Now he reading the Wall Street Journal. The woman in black leggings walks past again.

The table itself sits in the center of the room. Down the middle are open slots. They could be used to store power outlets. But they are not. At the other table in the corner you can plug in a laptop. It is actually two tables next to each other. At the one I sit with the two men. At the other is a set of four computers. They are used for short-term internet. But also printing and catalog. The young woman is walking past the window outside.

At the library desk the man is replaced. An older woman with short hair takes over. She wears a dark coat and blue jeans. A dark shade of denim. They look new. She is checking out a problem with a computer. Then goes to chatting with an older lady in an orange hat. The librarian fidgets with her fingers. The lady in the hat leans on the desk.

The older man has gone, and the young man has pulled out a Steven King novel. It is a library book. It has the library branded on the side of the pages. He is about a third of the way through the book. The librarian is back and working on the computer. A man in a grey hat browses the new book rack. And the young man puts the book away and goes back to his iPad. It looks like he is on Facebook.

The library windows are full of light today. Outside a gentle breeze blows the tree tops around. A young person is browsing the magazing rack. The young girl and her mother leave together. The blonde man puts away his iPad, pushes in his chair. He puts on a light Oregon State sweat shirt. Then leaves. Another woman has come into the library. She has a young pretty face. After stopping at a catalog computer. She goes hunting for a book. With book in hand she returns and makes her exit.

The library feel empty. But I can hear doors closing. And toilets flushing. “Dad,” a young boy calls his father. His younger brother lags behind. As the other boy rushes ahead. The younger has hands in pockets. He checks things out and walks slow. The older boy exclaims to his dad. “I know this one,” and is excited about other titles. The boy loves books. This much is clear.

Sometimes my wrists get sore from typing. But mostly me right wrist. The one I hit delete with a thousand times a second. Because after all these years I still don’t know how to type. And so I have to stop and fix almost every other word. I wonder at times if I had paid more attention in school. Would I be a better typer now. Or would I have learned by now if I was ever going to learn. Le sigh.

Outside the sun is fading as the day comes to a close. The librarian processes stacks of books. Children share joy with a father in the corner. A work of art on the wall shows a man.

His image is on a yellow background. His hair a multi-coloured pattern. The skin on his face a shade between blue and green. His eyes are orange. All over his shirt and face are what appear to be paint smudges. This is a painting of a painter. Maybe the artist. Maybe it isn’t a man.

The short yellow pencils sit in their dish. Small like golf stubs. Are they for short notes? They must be cheaper, for the many times they are stolen. Sometimes just by forgetful people. Leaning in with the pencils are small papers. Blank on both sides, large enough for a note. They have no lines. Like the empty faces of youth. The library is so quiet today. And it feels calm. The air turns on with a strong hum. The librarian paces around the empty desk. Then slides chairs under the empty table.