Daily Archives: April 14, 2016

Can we go now

The challenge was to write about something amazing, and make it sound boring.

Okay, there it was water. Did we really drive all this way to see water. I sat there as the mist blew around me. I’m wet and cold is all I could think. I guess it is a pretty river. As far as rivers go. It wasn’t the Hudson, or the Charles. It was not the Mississippi by a long shot. But the people stood around staring at the water rolling down the side of the cliff. You couldn’t talk because of the roar. You couldn’t hear. And I wonder if all this water would mess up my iPod. Why did we drive all this way? As I looked across the stretch of river I could see Canada. I can see Canada from where I am I thought. But then I got bored of this too and wanted to go home. There were my friends staring like birds in the rain. How long could you watch water flowing. I could go home and watch water flowing from the tap. Ahh, and it would be hot water into a bath. But this isn’t even warm water. And it isn’t water you can swim in – even in the summer. We must be ready to go. Well, almost ready to go? They say people ride barrels over the waterfall. Maybe it would be exciting. But you would probably die and I don’t see the fun in dying. Just like I don’t see the fun in being cold and wet. Right now I am giving them the puppy look. But they are lost in the sights like stoners at the North Country Fair. “I think I can hear the heart beat of the earth,” “And I feel its breath,” right, dumb hippies. I can barely feel my own heart beat and I can see my breath. Well, until is gets lost in the mist. Walking away it felt like an hour, but my friend stated. “That was the greatest 15 minutes of my life. Where are we going next?” I told them I didn’t care, “Mount Rushmore, I hear it is some statue.”