Daily Archives: May 26, 2016

So this is 40

And look what I’ve done.
Nine states behind me
and I may have just begun.

And this is 40
for better or worse
can’t stop the time
but it doesn’t have to be a curse.

And yes I’m 40
I know I’ve had fun
there have been near and dear ones
both old and some young
And some are still with me
others are not
while people I haven’t met yet
will become dear to me too.

Life is begining
new each day,
a fresh sun, a fresh you
a chance to be love.
Aging is over, if you want it.
Just live in the moment
and never be old.
Aging is over
because we are alive
until we are not
this is all that we got.

Don’t look for a hero,
or hope for the future.
The hero is you
and the hope is now.

Thank you to all my friends who have made the last 20 years of my life an amazing adventure.