Daily Archives: June 11, 2016

Almost one year

I am two months away from consistently blogging every day for a year. I’m proud of this moment. But to be honest I can’t say I have been proud of everything I posted. And there are many days the content was weak. I’ve posted a number of photos, and videos and quotes. All of which is good. But I don’t want this to be a photo blog, or a video blog or even a quote blog. The heart of what I am aiming for is writing. The content which matters to me in this space is words. I’m happy with a few things I’ve started in this space. And there are more I believe I could bring to life here. The work on tarot and astrology has been good for the blog, and it has been good for me. The biggest thing I’ve done it start writing about my own life in a real way. It started as a bit of a lark. But now I have written a great deal of my own story. One day I may edit it, and submit it as a novel to be published and sold. And all of you will have gotten a free sneak peek.
But right now I am not comfortable publishing a book about my own life. Because there is so much of my life ahead. And the best days may be yet to be lived. Not to mention, while I have had an interesting life. I don’t believe I’ve had a remarkable life. One day this may change, and one day it may not change. The future of course is being written in the present. In today’s choices, and yesterday’s choices. The choice to write every day is an oddly hard choice for me at times. There are t times of course when it is just a matter of time. But there are still moments when the blankness of the unwritten space scares. What will I write? Will anyone read it? What will its value be to me – or someone else for the matter. I still don’t always believe in myself as a writer. Though I do believe I can write good work.
Two more months. In some ways it feels far away. But I have come so far and I know soon it may be celebrating two years, or three years or more.