Monthly Archives: August 2021

Two Years

It has been two years. Funny actually how close to exactly two years it has been. This blog like others I have posted to in the past is my life. Sure I don’t post often, but I have in the past and I have for years. I remember my first months of blogging on Live Journal and the girl I met. I thought it was love, but it didn’t work. Maybe because she lived in some Sothern state, far away.

Now I am in love again. Well, I’ll check back in two years I guess to see how long it lasts. But I believe in it as I have never believed in anything or anyone. I met her at Wal-Mart, and yeah I still work at Wal-Mart. It isn’t the job of my dreams, but how many of us our lucky enough to make a living doing what we love.

I  had journalism, and I struggled all the time. I’m not saying I don’t struggle now. But I am actually making more money than ever. I love journalism, I love writing and I love people. My girlfriend thinks I love gossip.  But I actually love people and their stories. I imagine if I had the time and money to do anything I wanted, it would be writing. I could talk to people, not just the big people of high office, but real people. I love scientists and doctors and engineers. There are so many people educated and passionate about what they do. They want someone to talk to them, but people either don’t or can’t understand. I know I can write peoples stories for others to read.

My girlfriend wants me to write a novel. Well, to publish a novel, which begs the definition of “publish,” but that’s an aside for later. I don’t really love novels, I love stories. Not all stories are novels, some are short. Like the famous, “For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn.”