New Moon in Pisces

Today is an exciting day. A new moon waits to transform us. This new moon is in Pisces. A deep emotional sign. This sign takes us into our dreams. Creates a space to believe. Not just in where we are going. But where we can go. We believe in ourselves. To dream is to love. Because a dream is already reaching for something better.

We dream for the world. And we dream for ourselves. Our dream is we deserve better. The world deserves better too. So we dream. And when we follow those dreams we create love. This new moon is about release. What are the chains which hold our dreams back? Cut those chains. Lose those chains. Keep on dreaming. But Pisces reaches for escape too easily sometimes. Our dreams are not always sunshine and roses. They can be hard. And they can have painful moments. We move through those times with a true focus. Or we try to escape them and don’t follow our path.

The path we’ve taken to get to today. Has it been the honest path? Or the easy path? This new moon we can set out on the new path. Every day is a day we can set out with a new heart. But the new moon gives us its support. On this day our heart in the form of the moon pulls with our ego.

It is exciting to think of all the places we can go. But it can also be scary. Don’t lie to yourself.

Early morning Jupiter is opposite the sun. Jupiter is moving backward through Virgo. Our egos get a check when it comes to our service to others. Have we imagined ourselves to be more or do more for others. We start to see how we fall short in our service to the world. We have untapped resources which go unused. Ask yourself why today.

Following is a conjunction between the moon and Neptune. With Neptune pulling us deeper into the dream. Dream your dream with true and bright colours. But don’t get lost. Understand the message of Neptune about connection. Take your dream and give it to the world. The greatest gift you can give the world is your own enlightenment. Do it. But the old threat of addiction is also present. The path isn’t always about what feels good in the now.

The next aspect is with Saturn and the moon. Saturn is in the sign of the thinker. The sign of Sagittarius. Take this time to use Saturn as the reaper. Take an emotional look at your thoughts. Are they supporting you? Use this new moon to discard old ideas. And old emotions. Think about the needs of your heart. This square can be more than a block in our path. It can be the base for something new.

A sextile follows with the moon and Pluto. Coming from the sign of Capricorn Pluto holds a deep power. And today this power is pushing us to change. Take out the trash. Remove the sacred cows. They have only given comfort. And held us back. Don’t paint your new self in pale shades. But in bright colours. As a planet we are moving towards a higher vision. Today reach higher for yourself.

Late in the day Jupiter will oppose the moon. Where it before put our ego on notice. It now puts a spotlight on our heart. Have we served the world with our love. Or have we held back in fear. There is only love and fear. When we open ourselves to others it is love. When we hold back and try to be one in ourselves it is fear. This new moon is about new emotional pathways. And no path is more important than serving with love. A smile, a warm hello and a friendly presence can be a miracle. Jupiter in Virgo is asking us if we have love enough? Do we really meet the image we have of ourselves? For many of us the answer is no.

At the end of the day is the eclipse. Where we cut off from ourselves what isn’t new. We remove what isn’t light. Love is the only thing which is real. And it is the only thing we should cling to as the eclipse passes. This eclipse in Pisces is about dreaming of a better world. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone. This new world can only come about with the force of love. The greatest and the most under used force. Take a moment to meditate on love today.

Following so much action today the moon goes void of course. This will give us all a much needed rest. We have done a lot of spiritual work. Meditate and chant the name of the lord tonight. Because in this grace we find peace. Let the seeds from the day germinate in the soil of your heart. Be patient. Not all the changes taking place today will be seen today.

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