Six of Wands

We have come home to rest. The six of wands shows victory. We ride in the place of honor. The crowds rally around. This is in the tradition of Ancient Rome. Where war heroes were honored with a parade. We are the champion.

Six is a card about return. This success didn’t come in a day. The battle may have been won in day. But it took years for us to be ready. We worked hard. Put our hearts and soul into our passion. The battle only lasted a day. But the preparation for the battle took a life time.

Most recently we had the five of wands. This card gave us the moment to change our focus. Among many on the field of battle our role was clear. In the card four figures hold wands. And one wand stands on its own. This one is un-seen by the figures on the card. The leadership role in our lives waits for us. If we do not step in with a vision, no one will. The figures in the battle are in chaos. Like our life when we wait for someone else to guide it. We took charge, or we wouldn’t be here today.

The figure on the six of wands sits upright. They know they are successful. Their eyes are not on the crowd. But set on where they are going. They see the road ahead. With a strong focus on their passions. They know more battles lay in their future. But they have accepted the honor. A wreath sits a top their wand. They are aware of the crowd cheering them on, and gain courage from them.

The figure wears red. This reflects a being consumed with passion. But also in the best of cases a person of heart. If our passions are guided by our hearts the path is true. But when we listen to other voices we get lost. If we stop and listen to the voices of the crowd. We can lose our focus. But if we rush past the crowd we lost our courage. The word courage comes from old French and Latin. It’s root is in the word for heart. Though we battle alone. Our heart gains strength from a connection with others.

In the next card we return to battle. We face the odds alone. But we know we are not alone. The crowd is still with us in spirit. Our family and our friends are there in the battle. The biggest battles of our lives we must fight ourselves. And it is easy to feel alone at these times. But we are not.

It is interesting how there is also movement in the six of swords. But this movement is different. In that card we go alone into the unknown. Here we face the unknown with a community. It is important to know we don’t always need people to tell us we are right. At times we need to be our own guide and take a path others advise against.

This card is telling us to rest for a moment. Don’t take your eye off your goal. But spend time with friends. Take some time to reconnect with the community. You have come from a great struggle. And another great struggle waits in the future. Accept the support and love of those around you now. You will need it in the times to come.

Check in with your heart. Are you being guided true on your path. The figure in the card is focused. The path is clear. Is your path clear? Do you know what your passion is and why you fight? Make sure you do.

This card may also be a warning. Don’t listen to the voices of the crowd. Even those who love you can mislead you. Listen to your own voice. Also a warning to keep focused. Even while we step away from our struggles, focus. There is one truth. Love.

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