Maybe I am not Lost

Maybe I am not lost at all. But I know the path. Maybe the path is always right. Even if the way feels lost for the moment. If I know what is around the bend. And I prepare today in ways I don’t understand. Then today has a meaning. A meaning I will understand in full tomorrow. Maybe all things have value. Every experience is rich. And every moment a jewel. Each day brings lessons where ever we may be in our lives. And if we don’t take advantage of the lessons. We lose the day. Many times we may overlook a moment as meaningless. Or a day as not having value. What could we learn at a job like this we ask ourselves. And by not taking serious the lessons in front of us we miss them completely. What if we were always looking for ways to learn. Lessons to grow. Not just from the biggest of textbooks on the shelves. But from the little people, children, in our lives. The mundane times when our minds float away to other places. Take in the moments today. Take in the people around you and what you might learn from their knowledge. Because each of them has lived a life you have not. They have seen and done things you have not. And as a result they see the world in a way you do not. This gives them a point of view you don’t have. And a knowledge base unique to themselves. But one we can access if we listen with our hearts. And we in turn have value and wisdom we can share with others. But it must be shared. You cannot force feed your truths on others. For what is true for you is not true for all. Even as people learn lessons from us. They can find their own path and truth. We must allow them, as they must allow us. Maybe the things we worry about the most day to day have no value. Or at least no value in the grand lessons of our lives. The important growth of the ages. The problems of the mind and the heart are deeper than today and tomorrow. We learn how to love and accept others with grace. These lessons learned in each moment of our lives. Remember only love is real. So the only lesson of this life is love. Maybe I miss many more chances to learn love than I see in my life. Maybe we all do.

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