This isn’t meant to be a photo blog

But I know it has turned into one in the last couple weeks. On the one hand it is great to be getting out in the fresh air. And I love to be sharing my photos with as many people as I can. So, the problem isn’t too many photos. The problem has been too little writing.

Right now it is 3 a.m. – again. Yeah, there is a 3 a.m. in every day. And more and more I seem to be looking at the clock at 3 a.m. and thinking about going to bed. But also thinking about wanting to write in this blog. When I am not out hiking, working, at the gym or trying to catch up with some basic record keeping. I would like to be writing. But life has a way of pushing our plans to the side doesn’t it. And so I don’t write. I think, tomorrow, tomorrow. But the magical tomorrow hasn’t come yet. Has it come for you?

This morning I forgot to write in my paper journal. So I will do it before I go to bed and maybe write again in the morning. Waking up late in the day this morning, I wanted to get started. I knew what my plans were, and I knew I would need time. So out before I could think. Maybe like other people I know I just need to think about what I am doing more. Think about how I spend my time.

Consider this an attempt on my part of refocusing. I won’t be hiking for a couple days because of work. And my plan is, tomorrow, yes tomorrow, to write something good here. But I do need sleep right now.

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