On the meaning of “new”

“I hear you got a new car.”

“I did, I like it a lot.”

“What is it like?”

“Well it is the company’s new model.”

“Wow, that must be exciting.”

“And it drives like a new car. It has a good engine.”

“Did you pay much at the dealership?”

“I bought it offline, but I got a deal.”

“So you should come take me to dinner in your fancy new wheels.”

“Actually the wheels aren’t very fancy. It is one bummer about the car.”

“It has new tires right?”

“Yeah, the put brand new tires on before I bought it.”

“So is it from this year or last year?”

“Oh no, the car is like ten years old.”

“But you said it was ‘new'”

“Yeah, well it is new to me.”

“But you said it was their ‘new model'”

“Yeah, the company hasn’t put out any models in ten years.”

“I see, well you don’t have to pick me up for dinner.”

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