14 pieces of advice to a teen who is graduating high school

1) Get a real job, a boring job and focus on it like it matters. Do everything you can to keep it and to grow in the job. Find a job you can enjoy, even if you it isn’t one you love.
2) Take your education seriously.
3) Plan for the job you love. But know it might not work out. Or it might and it might not pay you enough. Try to develop a back-up career. (See 1)
4) Fall in love often and easily.
5) Let love go often and easily.
6) Travel as often as you can. Don’t be afraid of the world. Sleep outside and hitch-hike while you are young. It will be easier on you, and people will trust you, help you more.
7) Save as much money as you can.
8) Learn to find joy in nature, in friends, a sunny day at the lake with friends. Spending money and happiness are not joined at the hip.
9) Write as much as you can, even if you are not a writer. Keep a journal of life events and how you feel.
10) From time to time go back and read your journals. You will see what you have been through before, and how you at times felt like you couldn’t make it. But then you did.
11) Make as many friends as you can.
12) But don’t be afraid to let friends go when the time has come.
13) Drive safely, don’t speed and watch out for other drivers. It will mean less stress and decreased risk of accidents. For the times you make mistakes while driving: let the other guy make mistakes.
14) Remember only love is real.

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