Another point of view

Who was Adam anyway? The only man on Earth? Ok, maybe he was at the time. But still?

She was still a person. God created her equal didn’t he? Why should he be on top? Why should he call the shots?

Their bodies were different. But the differences didn’t appear to make him any better. She could have babies and he could not. He seemed to be stronger. But she was softer. There was no reason he should dominate.

Adam walked around all day naming things. But he didn’t know the other animals. She had a real connection with their friends. She didn’t need to give them names to understand them.

Adam always called God a “he.” But she saw God too, and didn’t see anything “he” about God. Who could tell if God was male or female. But Adam said he was the head of the family. Because God was a man too.

Sure someday she wanted children. But wanting children was all the more reason to be strong. She wouldn’t submit to a man. She wouldn’t want her daughter to submit to a man. Or her son to force a woman to submit.

God made them equal. Adam was trying to change the rules. If he wanted something just to have sex with, there were the sheep. But she had a brain.

They both had interesting minds. His focused on different things than her mind. But they were both incredible in their own way. And they were both important. And they were equal.

She just believed God gave them an equal body, and equal mind and an equal soul. So why should Adam change the rules and want to be on top now.

She had never had sex with Adam. But she imagined it should be a joyful experience. An experience of equal passion. One of equal souls dancing. If he didn’t want to try to make love with an equal, he should try his luck with a goat.

And Adam was sulking. He clearly wanted to posses her, but couldn’t swallow his pride. She thinks Adam may have took it up with God. Adam may have asked for a new woman. Well, God should tell him to learn to be a real man or learn to please himself.

Oh here comes Adam now. Look at how he walks like he owns the earth. She knows they are all guests of the animals. But he doesn’t think of the animals as being equal. Like he doesn’t think of her as being equal. Nothing in his mind is equal to himself.

Well, he threatened her. Submit to his will and be under him, or leave the garden. The garden is such a magical place. But she is a strong independent woman and she can survive outside the garden. Maybe even better than Adam.

She did have a mind every bit as good as his mind. Her thoughts just as valid. Why didn’t he want to listen to her? Adam said he would get God to make him another woman. Well maybe she will submit to him. And she can flee to the desert to live in a cave.

It would be better to live in a cave. Her name wasn’t Adam. She wasn’t going to be Adams slave. Her name was Lilith and she intended to be strong and to be equal.

Here comes a new woman. Adam did ask God for a new wife. And God did give it to her. Well, it is time for her to flee. To run to the desert like a demon. But she isn’t a demon. She is human. As human as Adam.

(This was written as a Room to Write exercise)

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