Work Post

I don’t have much time to write today. And I haven’t done a work post in a while.

I have been working in produce all the time now. And I kind of miss the deli. It is easier in many ways, but I am still pulled out of the department. In the next couple days I expect a conversation about some overtime I accidentally earned.

So working in produce I’ve been trying to do some projects. I set up the herb rack, which is doing well, selling. I organized the apples in the cooler last week. And yesterday I had time to sweep under all the shelves. It was gross, things down there you couldn’t even tell what they had been.

Speaking of gross. Who knew rotten pumpkin smelled so bad. I had to go through those the other day and I found a couple bad ones. Yucky! I don’t think I will be eating much pumpkin flavored anything for a little while.

So my schedule appears to be set. But sometimes it seems like I am not fully aware of their plans for me. My produce manager has made a few comments, suggesting things could be changing at some point. Of course I know the nature of change I would like to see, but I may still need to wait.

Last night I had a lot of strange dreams. In one I was living in a police state. A high tech one, and there was a laser which would kill people who stepped out of line. There were riots in the streets. And I remember thinking the best thing to do would be to hide underground where the computer couldn’t find us, or kill us.

I had another dream I was sitting by a river. Where I was sitting was a hole in the foundation of a building. I was watching the river go by me. But somehow I could also see people in the window above me. It was a reflection of some kind, and in the dream it made sense. But now I wonder what it was reflecting off. There was a walk way, and it went out to a small spot over the river. It was decaying. In my dream I thought about going out to sit there instead of where I was sitting.

I’ve started reading a new book. The China Mirage. It is about the history of American and Chinese relations. It purports to explain the misunderstanding between the two countries. Much of what it has discussed so far hasn’t been new to me.

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