A note on last night’s post

I have been thinking about my post last night. And it is clear to me all three sides of my personality are driven by fear. And not by love. I still need to focus more on love in my life.

Just the idea we can be alone in this world is crazy. We are all one with each other. So how could we ever be apart? And the desire to be alone is a fearful desire. What we call fear is a lie. And love is the truth.

Again, trying to be friends with everyone is driven by fear. We are always connected to each other at a deep level. We don’t need to do things to validate each other. We are valid. I don’t need to win your love. We love each other, we just don’t know. Or we do not see. It also fails to respect other people may be at a different point in their journey.

And of course the desire for control is all about fear. It is based on an image of the world which makes us feel safe. But we are safe. Fear makes comparisons with others. Love does not. Fear says this person works harder. Love accepts people for where they are and what they do. Fear makes us want other people to be like us. Love wants other people to be like themselves.

So, less fear and more love.

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