Almost 3 a.m.

What a day. Too many holes in the dike and not enough fingers. I started out helping bakery/deli with stocking. Then I helped on the registers. Afterwards I covered a break in deli. Before I finally made it to produce. I worked a cart. And then another. But I had to cover a lunch in deli. I got off to my lunch late so I took a short one. After lunch I pulled dates, cleaned the backroom, dumped compost and helped dairy for a few moments. It was a day of running the whole time.

I watched a great movie tonight. Sex and Lucia. It is about a writer and his lover. Well, I guess it is about more. About love, and loss, and sex, and life. The movie is in Spanish, but with subtitles. It left me speechless. Still in fact and it has been a while. There was a lot of feeling in the movie. If you watch you, let me know.

Okay, now time for bed. It is late and while I can sleep in tomorrow. I should get to bed soon.

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