Two of Wands

Every new idea runs into problems. A challenge can give you a boost. Or put you in the ditch. Your choice.

The Two of Wands gives us this choice. In the Ace of Wands our idea was new. Like a spark in the darkness. It was alone.

Wands is the suit of fire. Passion, desire and motivation are wands. There is an element of imagination.

And two represents balance. Our passion doesn’t need to be sexual. It can be for art. For a new career. We may have a passion for changing the world. Our just changing ourselves. There is something raw. A primal energy to wands.

Once a new idea comes into the world it meets a counter. For every idea someone will disagree. Even when those voices are loud. Or aggressive. Listen to what they are saying. If you can hear the message, you can grow stronger.

Some people will fold right away when challenged. Oh, your right, it wasn’t a good idea. And they lose their way. And often their faith in themselves. Others will disregard those who doubt. And those who question. But we need to learn to listen.

There is a path between the extremes. Two is the natural number of duality. But we can see dual forces in a different light. Not as forces in conflict. But forces in balance. Learning to listen is a key step.

When people challenge our passion. Listen to the message. Everyone has been sent to give us a message. Take what you can learn from the message. And leave what does not apply. Be open to flaws. Knowing where our ideas need focus can only help. It is easy to be absorbed by our passion. But sometimes the wrong passion can tempt us too. A friend can see this easier. And even a foe may give you insight. If you reflect on their perspective.

If we know where the holes are, we can patch them. This is the true nature of the Two of Wands. The universe doesn’t challenge us to make us weak. It gives us resistance to make us stronger. We have our own voice of doubt. And often we are bothered by the doubts of others. Because they echo our own. And we are trying to ignore both.

In the next card the Three of Wands we look towards the future. Taking the advice of the Two of Wands we move forward. We are now stronger. Now more focused. The Three of Wands is about growth. But a crucial step in the process is balance.

This balance can be seen in Two of Swords. Where our mental image of the world is questioned. And in Cups where we face the emotions of others.

Take the advice of Two of Wands. Take a breath. Reflect. Listen to the message. Our doubts can make us stronger, if we don’t fold. But use them to refocus, re-engage and re-new our strength.

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