Two of Swords

First is an idea. And it comes into the world as a thesis. But this creates a anti-thesis. New ideas face opposition. Often from old ideas. Sometimes it is just another point a view. A way of looking at the same thought. But one we’ve never thought of before.

The Two of Swords is this stage of an idea’s growth. In the Ace there was one idea. And it is often assumed it is a new idea. But truth is we don’t know. It could be an old idea. An idea we have clung to for too long. Now we see the otherside.

This card could bring a new focus to our lives. Send our whole thought pattern in a new direction. A truth, just as valid as ours is out there. A truth we have never seen before. But once we see it, it changes everything. Be prepared for your mind to be changed. Accept other peoples ideas openly. You don’t have to agree. But accept they are valid.

My idea is to work hard at any job. I focus on doing a good job for my own reasons. I do it regardless of the pay or the respect I get from others. Now, some people feel like when you are treated and paid like you’re not important. You should work like the job isn’t important. I disagree, but I can accept their logic as being valid.

If we go through life thinking we are the only one right. We will be forever blind to so very much. The world has so many truths and shades. It would be like seeing the world in black and white. Or worse.

The figure on the card is holding two swords. Two concepts of the world. And this figure is blindfolded. The universe doesn’t care about your attachment to an idea. It can an will cut through our mental constructs when they prevent our growth. It does so blindly. A sole focus on truth.

But this blindfolded figure may also be us. We think we know our truth. And we reject opposing truths. But we only know our truth. When we understand the truths with which we disagree. The puzzle of our world is full of truths. Or maybe one truth understood in many different ways. They inter-act. They inter-lock. This creates our world. An amazing image. A totality of little parts.

When we see our truth in the big picture. We see its limits. And understand how other truths complete ours. They aren’t competition. Any more than two puzzle pieces could be competition.

This card is telling us there is another side. And it is a side we may not be able to see by ourselves. It may be a truth we must depend on someone else to bring us. Be open. Be trusting. You don’t have to throw out your own truth. But see another as true.

Unknown possibilities are likely in store for you.

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