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This is Lilith. It has been a exhausting week for Dante. A long trip to see family, and friends. Then an old friend broke his heart. I wanted to kill her, but I know he would say no. I’ll bide my time.

The trip was good. I enjoyed the hike along the river. I don’t enjoy most people. But children I do like for some odd reason. Maybe they aren’t as critical as adults. I’ve learned to hide. And I have learned to fear people’s ideas. He got along well with the family. He does a better job forgetting. You know the fact most of them don’t speak to him. Not for days. Not for weeks. Not for months. They’ve never noticed me at all.

Driving down he met a new friend. I think she and I could become close. And he likes her too. But he is too shy. And recent events don’t help. There was a girl. A friend. I thought I could trust her. And so did he. As much as he tried to be expressive. And I felt it was a dangerous idea. It backfired.

There was a plan to take her to Amma’s. Because she does yoga. And is exploring spirituality. It was something he looked forward to on the trip. Me, I just love any travel. But she cancel. Without any reason. When we got back he asked her about her feeling upset. She told him she was concerned about his feelings. Said she didn’t share those feelings. Which first of all makes her an idiot in my book. What a great guy. And he likes you.

So we are okay with her feelings. People should be accepted for how they feel he said. I guess he is right. But then I pointed out how she had not treated him right. First of all by not being open and honest with her concerns. Which he pointed out isn’t easy. But secondly, she later told him she had a date and a meeting.

Sure, a good friend comes to town. One you haven’t seen in years. But, you want to go on a date instead. It shows someone who doesn’t value their friend. And I told him so. He didn’t want to see it. But then he did and it hurt. So, he unfriended her on Facebook. The right choice to say the least. I am not sure he is okay with the choice yet though. I pointed out it might blow over. Like with Leigh and Cristina.

And the friend he went to see in Rogue River. He had to rethink some things about the situation. I don’t trust her. But he still wants to be friends with her. He values her as a person who works hard. A person who tries and fails like the rest of us. I don’t have time for failure. But, I’ll let him have his friendship. I’ll keep on eye on her.

The new friend is cool. I like her spirit, and so does he. There is something about her which reminds him of younger days. Time on the road. The open air and fresh skies. I loved travel myself. Only stopped in the end for him. He wants to be more settled. Wants to make money. I am okay with money. But I want my free time more than anything else. I think we agree this new friend is a special person.

Okay, time for bed. Thanks for listening to me. Don’t tell him what I said okay. This is our little secret.

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