Moon for Jan. 31

Today is an active day for the moon. It is half-way to being a new moon. Times of waxing for the moon are times of release. Let go of things. End a job or a relationship. Today the moon is in Scorpio. Early in the day it trines Neptune. Feelings emerge from deep in our mind. The best path for expression will be imagination. Try and take a moment for art today. If we fail to acknowledge these feelings. They can become twisted and more extreme. Every part of ourselves is true. We are made of pure love. There are two things which scare us. The first are lies which need to be released. The second are truths which need to be accepted. Later in the afternoon Venus trines the moon. Have friends over. You may feel a pull towards being social. But don’t let this be an escape. Take time for yourself today as well. Think about the truths of your values. And how true are those truths. In the evening the sun squares the moon. Our ego puts our emotions in check. It is tempting to side with the ego. But if we took a moment with Neptune. We are more likely to side with our emotions. This is in part preparing us for a shock. When Mercury square Uranus. These two planets will shake up our ideas.

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