The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits on a thrown. But she is not a ruler. The square thrown is the earth. She like The Empress hold the power of earth.
In her hands we see the book of law. But these truths are not given easily. The Priestess makes us work. We must seek and find our own truths. She is only the guide to our own truths. Our own answers.

Her robes are blue and flowing. A connection to water. The element of emotion. And spirituality. A flowing river which cannot be stepped in twice. Truth is like this river. We cannot know the same truth twice. It is changing and flowing. It cannot be caught.

Her crown is the three stages of he moon. The maiden, the mother and the crone. She is connected to life itself. All stages of life. Because truth and wisdom have their own life. Love is life and life is love. Only love is real. We come to this truth is many ways.

On either side of her are two pillars. One is dark and one is light. She sits between the opposites. Like a truth which is neither here nor there. This is reflected in the cross on her chest. Not a Christian cross. It represents the energy of earth rising. And the energy of heaven descending. As humans we stand at the crossroads. We bring down the energy of spirit like The Magician. But also raise the energy of earth.

The two pillars also reflect the two pillars of the tree of life. This tree in Qabalah represents our world. On the one hand is the lighter column. This is the pillar of Mercy. It bears the Hebrew letter Yod. One of the letters of the sacred name of God. The other pillar is the pillar of severity. It contains the Hebrew letter Beth.

She sits between the two. Not as a judge. She has no attachment to either. Which is why she is the perfect vessel for the book of law. Like her the law stands between opposites.

There is a law in this universe. Not the law of man. And not the law much of humanity believes it understands. The law is love. Because love itself is the most non-judgmental. It stands between. It accepts like The High Priestess.

This card is telling you the truth is within you. Stop searching for someone to show you the way. You know the way. Stop looking for someone to open the door to the law. Only you can open the door. Stand between the two paths ahead. Flip a coin and you will know the truth. The answer is not in the coin. But in your heart you will hope for one over the other. Your body will tell you if you listen.

The High Priestess speaks quietly. She is the still soft voice. But her words are deep and true. Listen to your own still soft voice. In the midst of the chaos of this world. They are deep and true. Be still. But vigilant.

There are changes in your life. You’ve seen the changes. Maybe you aren’t happy with these changes. You feel like you aren’t ready. But The High Priestess is telling you to trust yourself. Trust you are ready. You have the tools within you. In the last card the tools were outside of us. Here the law is close to our hearts.

In those hearts we know only love is real. We know the path which is the most loving. And we hesitate. We question and doubt. But time is passing, The High Priestess reminds us. And our fate is in our own hands.

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