Moon for Feb. 13

Mercury enters a new sign today. The sign of Aquarius. It leaves an earth sign. And moves into an air sign. Our outlook will be changing today. New ideas appeal to us more. We have been so focused. But it is time to think outside the box. Mercury is the ruler of the mind. The messenger of the gods. It also rules communication. It is the planet which shapes our outlook on the world. Our ideas about ourselves and others. It is the ruler of education and medicine. The sign of Aquarius makes it own rules. This air sign is mental. Like all the air signs. This empowers Mercury as it passes. But it is shifting. Those ruled by Aquarius are often at the forefront of trends. If only because they pick up and drop so many. Aquarius is a fixed sign. This means it isn’t swayed by others. Invent a new tool today. A new way of living. Or a new path for yourself. Think about involving people in your plans today. Open your life more to those around you. Mercury will encourage you toward this end. Early in the morning the moon will be in square to Mercury. This moon is still in Aries. A sign which may not be ready for new ideas. Aries is so much about action. On an emotional level you may feel restless. Then an hour later the moon enters Taurus. The sign of the bull is practical. It puts a damper on the wild ideas of Aquarius. Don’t let the bull put out your flame. But listen to the message of caution it sends. Mars is sextile Jupiter. This can put a bit of a charge into some relationships. Most of all those of a sexual nature. Which could be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Late in the day Neptune sextiles the moon. At last you feel a comfort with change. This deep planet can ease your fears. With its long memory. And deep insight. You get a wider and deeper point of view.

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