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On the shooting in Oregon

For too long we have suffered from a delusion. The shooting in Oregon speaks to it being a lie. We are not separate. We are one.

We need to believe and accept we are one. We need to heal together as one. Our brother’s illness becomes our own at times like these. We live in a violent society. And it isn’t guns or knifes or any weapon which perpetuates the violence. It is a sickness in the human soul. A sickness we have shared at a basic level.

We can’t step away from those with clear problems. Because we have our own problems, just less clear. We cannot live in a world of alphas and betas and expect to have peace. And we cannot live in a world of just betas. Because a collective weakness invites a strong will to power. We must create a world where we are all alphas.

This isn’t about money. It is about love. You can’t treat love like money. And you can’t treat money like love. Though the society often does both.

If one person had extended a true love to the shooter, this event would not have happened. Only love can solve the problem of violence in our souls. And in our country. If all the shooters had experienced true grace and love, all the shootings would not have taken place.

But this isn’t a judgement of those immediately around the shooters. They could hardly give what they didn’t know themselves. Like a ray of light in a dark room. One drop of love would spread across the world.

How can we stop violence? By creating love. By spreading love. By being love. God is love and so are we. All we have to do is remember. A being at one with love is it one with all. Which is why none of the shooters could have done their crimes if they had known love. They would have seen how they were their victims. They would have felt only love for everyone.

Wars, shootings, crime and other violent acts are expressions of fear. A fear of loneliness. The fear we are not one with everything. Only a true act of love can reveal the truth. And the truth is we are all one. One with each other and one with God.

My friend once said there were beings called effins. They were created every time someone used the F-word. Like imps, they wondered the world creating mischief and havoc. Our hateful thoughts, our fearful thoughts are like these imps. They go out into the world. And sometimes they find an expression in someone else. But our thoughts of love also go into the world.

At times like these don’t think bad thoughts. Not about the shooter. Not about the president. Not about those who believe they need guns. Not about those who believe we need to control guns. Try as much as your mind and heart allow to bring light and love to everyone.

May all beings everywhere be happy. May all beings every where be free from suffering. May all beings every where be loved. May all beings every where be safe. Only then will we ourselves be truly free from suffering, loved and safe.

Day 7 of 9

It is late and I should be getting to bed soon. Today was a produce day. I spent my whole shift working salads and cut fruit from the back stock to the floor. I cleared out almost 90 percent of the back stock. I also worked some bananas and potatoes. It was a boring day, and I am going to sleep now.

Tomorrow I work at 9 a.m. I need to do more reading than I have lately. I did get some reading of A Course in Miracles during my lunch break. Oh yeah, I have to cut time tomorrow and the next day too.

Good night.