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Almost 3 a.m.

What a day. Too many holes in the dike and not enough fingers. I started out helping bakery/deli with stocking. Then I helped on the registers. Afterwards I covered a break in deli. Before I finally made it to produce. I worked a cart. And then another. But I had to cover a lunch in deli. I got off to my lunch late so I took a short one. After lunch I pulled dates, cleaned the backroom, dumped compost and helped dairy for a few moments. It was a day of running the whole time.

I watched a great movie tonight. Sex and Lucia. It is about a writer and his lover. Well, I guess it is about more. About love, and loss, and sex, and life. The movie is in Spanish, but with subtitles. It left me speechless. Still in fact and it has been a while. There was a lot of feeling in the movie. If you watch you, let me know.

Okay, now time for bed. It is late and while I can sleep in tomorrow. I should get to bed soon.


Work went well today. Another day of running around filling multiple roles.
It started off in produce. Naturally enough, since I was scheduled in produce. I put brown sugar and marshmallows on the farmer’s market table.After I pulled most of the gourds off the table. I also moved the small pumpkins from one end cap to another.
Then I worked some juice which had been sitting in the coolers for weeks. It would probably be sitting there still if I hadn’t pushed for something to be done. There are a lot of things it seems like don’t happen until I push to get them done.
Afterwards I pushed some carts. Took a break.
After break I stocked a cart. I removed the rest of the gourds. Brenda asked me to refill the helium balloons. I stocked the bananas and worked the register for a few minutes.
Then I took lunch.
After lunch I covered deli and did some work in produce. For the deli I only CVPed a few things. I watered my herbs. Then I pushed carts again for a while. I stocked dairy and eggs. Also I had to get back on the register again. Afterwards I dumped my compost. And cleaned the floor.
The last thing I did was check dates. Then pull my cardboard from the cooler.

Day 1 of 9

Today went well. I worked in the deli. After starting the day doing some cooking, I worked the 97 Wall. Actually, I went to the cooler and processed freight on carts which hadn’t been put away in at least four days. Everyone has been busy. My department manager was asked to go to another store which is opening tomorrow and assist them.

So I processed the freight. Then I covered a co-workers lunch and I started to work some freight to the floor. But I had to jump on the register for a while. I did get some of it worked before going home.

Tomorrow I will be closing the deli. Which I have not done in a while. I am not looking forward to closing. If I can there is a cleaning project I want to accomplish.