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Moon for Jan. 26

The moon remains in Virgo. A practical sign. This makes a good time for rote work. Take time to be organized. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Which just went direct. This is the first full day of Mercury direct. Focus on the lessons from the past month. Start a plan to reach the future. Not all the steps need to be in place. But today is a good day for a framework. Early in the day Venus trines the moon. Our values are working with our emotions. Friends may support us. A community may support us. Or the universe supports us on our journey today. This trine pulls you into your values. Neptune is in opposition to the moon. This calms your emotions. Something pulls on you. Pulls you from your fears. Use your plan to overcome doubts. Yes you can. Mars sextile the moon brings passion. And courage. You will need these. Not just today, but every day. The last aspect is Saturn square the moon. This can serve to limit your emotions. Today isn’t a day for feeling. But a day for planning. All of us have many fears. The fear of success. The fear of failure. The fear of fear. Today you can plan to be better than your fears. But today isn’t the day of victory.

Moon for Jan. 25

The energy flow is changing, but slow. This is because of Mercury. It is going direct.┬áDon’t rush the change. Take your time. Things will move forward. But there will be glitches. Be ready to change plans today. Our goals feel closer. Because we have been on hold for so long. But try and stay grounded. Your goals are closer, but not at hand. Today the moon enters Virgo. A practical sign. This will help you today. Focus on details. Don’t try and jump ahead. Just because the future feels so close. Chop wood and carry water. Then chop wood and carry water some more. Today is a day more making a to-do list. Tomorrow is the day to start working on the list. The dawn has broken. If we studied in the night, we are ready for the day.

Moon for Jan. 24

Mercury goes direct tomorrow. So the retreat is over. Take a moment to look back. What were the lessons. If you took the time to slow down. To reflect. Listened to your own thoughts. There is a lesson. On Sunday the moon is in Leo. This will pull your energy to your heart. You are the star of the show. Be your own hero. Take the lessons from Mercury and adapt your role. You can change, you can recast your self. The moon isn’t void of course until the evening. The morning starts with Mars square the moon. This block will cause you to be sleepy. Your heart is alert. But your body is not. A trine with moon and Saturn comes at noon. You are going to feel your limits. But you can stretch those limits. Just remember some limits are there to make us stronger. And some to protect. Be wise. Late in the day Uranus brings a different view. An emotional situation is seen in a different light. We understand in a new way. Our hearts are open to new love.

Moon for Jan 7

Day three of the moon in Sagittarius. But tonight the moon goes void of course. This is at 6:44. Early in the day a square tests the sun. Uranus sits square it in the early morning. Uranus is a unique planet. And it brings out what is unique in us. Today we can either embrace what makes us different. Or we can feel threatened. Embrace it. This will be encouraged when moon trines Uranus. Just two hours later. Emotionally there will be a desire to stand out. But don’t let the moon’s big ideas give you a bid head. The big ideas are from the sign of Sagittarius. Later in the day Jupiter is active. First it squares the moon. Then it goes direct. Jupiter is an expansive planet. Going direct refocuses its power. And our own faith as well. In a square with the moon, it brings doubt. Our judgement could be weaker. We may become lazy or foolish.