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My New Year’s Resolutions

I aim to make a resolution for every house in the zodiac.

1) I resolve to love myself more, and to forgive myself more. And even to forgive myself for when I fail to love myself.
2) I resolve to be less concerned about gadgets. To save money to spend time with people I care about and love.
3) I resolve to let people know I care about them. I resolve to write more, and express myself better.
4) I resolve to try and understand home, to work towards feeling at home. It is easy to say someday I will be home, but home is what you make of it. And I have Baby Girl.
5) I resolve to be more creative, and to find healthy sexual expressions.
6) I resolve to find a better job, where I can service my own dharma and help others. But also I resolve to look for basic ways of being of service every day.
7) I resolve to work on emotional relationships, work on trust, and start to develop connections which could become an intimate relationship.
8) I resolve to finish my novel, and to begin writing more about lessons from my own life.
9) I resolve to find my way out of my own mind more, but also to explore my own thoughts deeper.
10) I resolve to search for a new path to making money for myself.
11) I resolve this year will be full of friends and hope and love.
12) I resolve to stop allowing secrets and pain so much control over my life.

Okay, now I resolve to go to sleep. I’d like to write more about these topics later. Like when I don’t have to wake up in four hours for work.