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A different form

There is a warm sun,
Today is glorious,
and I am happy to be alive.

Even having to work,
feels bearable.
I spoke with an old friend
for a few moments.

I am growing restless at work,
more and more,
but I want to be smart.
Make the right choice.

Past choices have been choices,
Just to be choices,
to be change.
The change wasn’t always better.

I am learning at Walmart,
and growing.
So my job isn’t everything,
but it is something.

The experience I am gaining,
and skill and knowledge
could be important in the future.
And the future could be around the corner.

I choose to focus on my growth.
The universe knows I want something better,
and I deserve something better.
But I don’t always know.

Maybe the restless energy
is the universe trying to awaken me.

(This was a project from Room to Write to re-write something previously written in a different format. I re-wrote this: http://princedanterose.livejournal.com/659131.html)

Chapter 3

I have introduced my second character. She will be the most supportive and in the end one of the most crucial to the plot. Nominally girl friend to the main character, I think by the end she will play a much more important role in the story.

I didn’t write yesterday. I feel guilty for not writing, for eating so much frozen yoghurt, for being overtime at work, for missing SPARK (a work thing), for being so alone, for not going to yoga, for not going to the gym more, for not finding a better job, for liking the job I have at Wal-Mart.

There is a poem I am thinking of writing too. I think I will try to post it to my LiveJournal by the end of the day. I also need to make sure I start using my To-do list book soon, maybe I will make a list for tomorrow.