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Wow, that wasn’t helpful

It took me forever to login to my WordPress account. I was trying to activate comment filtering. Then when I got it, there is a fee for the service. I am not going to pay. Yes, there is an optional pay what you want plan, but I still don’t want to pay.

Anyway. Day two of my writing adventure. The cat is sleeping soundly, How does she sleep so often and so well. I watched a great movie about writers last night on Netflix. It was “Stuck in Love,” and it was about relationships and love as well. It has Greg Kinnear as one of the lead roles.

I am thinking about a novel idea. It kind of came from a friend of mine, and I would want to share it with him when I finished the book. Now that I have internet I should start working on writing it down. Oh, I am not going to discuss the details here, since it isn’t my idea to share and potentially lose.

Not that anyone is reading this.