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Ace of Pentacles

The Aces are seeds. This makes them easy to understand. But hard at the same time. There is so much raw energy. And potential.

The Ace of Pentacles may really be a seed. It is Spring time. A new beginning. The trite answer would be a marriage or a new job. There is nothing wrong with these. But they aren’t the full picture. Because it could be many things.

What we know is Pentacles is about the earth. It is about bringing into manifestation. The element of earth covers a wide area. From the money we earn in our lives. To the family and friends we love. Down to the art projects we create or the things we buy. A new house would be a new start in earth. And yes so would be a new job.

Sometimes we plant a seed and we don’t know what will grow. Yes, most farmers know they plant corn, or wheat. But there is still so much uknowns. Just because it is planted doesn’t mean it will grow. Just because it is watered doesn’t mean it will grow. And even if it does grow. There is no certainty of success. A cold snap could threaten. Or bugs could consume. Fires burn and rains flood our growing plants. Our plans face many risks as they emerge in the world.

And the Ace of Pentacles is all about the potential. But also about these risks. The next card in the deck is the Two of Pentacles. Sometimes our plans are either helped or harmed by other’s plans. Some people will have plans which support our own. And some will not. As we enter into the world with our seeds. We seek out allies. But even allies won’t support us 100 percent. Because they have their own paths. And those paths are not our paths. We may walk together for a time. But we always walk alone in the end.

And the truth of this is seen in the number one. We start alone. And in the end we are alone again. Even when we have friends and family in our lives. There are spaces inside ourselves where they cannot touch. But these spaces are ours. and they are meant to be ours.

At the end of this journey is home, family, wealth and success. These are the things which bring happiness, right? Maybe, but not always. It has to be the right family and friends for us. And wealth in itself is only part of the path to pleasure. While success is good. The wrong type of success is empty. We must do our own dharma and not another’s. Today with the planting of the seed is where we start. We are not farmers and don’t know 100 percent what crop our seed will grow. But if we plant with love. A love for ourselves and others. Then if we tend it with care and thought. We grow the happiness which will be of real value to our lives.

And if a crop isn’t right? A farmer might burn it, or turn it back into the soil. We must not be afraid to start over in our lives. Don’t put more and more resources into a wasted future. Since the plants return to the soil they feed the next plan. We may start over. But we do not start from zero.

This card for many may be a point of starting over already. You’ve lost something of real value. And now you begin to heal. As we heal, as we grow, as we plan. Listen to your body. One of my favorite new tricks is flipping a coin for answer. Take something you are 50-50 about and assign one to heads or tails. Then flip the coin in the air a fair height. While it is still in the air your body will be rooting for one or the other. If you think heads and there is a tension. You know what the answer is already.

Three of Pentacles

If you want a skill you need to practice. But practice takes focus. And patience. And it takes time. Before we learned to run. We took our first step, then our second. We forget as we get older. Everything is the same. We dream of being a sports star. But don’t dream of endless drills. Hours of playing our instrument. Days of swinging at a ball.

Threes are about development. Something is growing. It becomes deeper. We grow stronger. More able. The suit of pentacles is a material suit. It has a focus on relationships. Or career. It is how we make our money. How we spend our money. The physical ties between us and our world. And between each other. Relationships are also emotional. And mental. So this is just a piece of the puzzle.

We speak of building a home. Creating a family. These are the material parts of a relationship. It takes work. And it takes time and focus. You see the theme? Slow down and do it right.

In the card before we found balance. It could be falling in love. Where we found someone special. But it could be where ideas came together to create a vision. Two people come together and make a third. Being a parent is very much a part of three of pentacles. In the two of Pentacles things started to get interesting. Now they start to grow.

The next card is the four of pentacles. Where we take a moment to celebrate. Is it a wedding. A graduation. The birth of a child. We have reached a point where we can rest. But we cannot rest yet. The three of pentacles needs focus. And patience. And time.

On the card a young figure is working. They seem focused on the details. Over their head an arched doorway. This is not a small project. But the figure isn’t rushed. It won’t be finished in a day. Or even two. However, if it is done right the end result will stand for the ages. The figure appears to be young. But not a child. Someone who has started to learn a trade. But someone who has much learning ahead.

We are like this figure. All of us have learning ahead. If we are open and accepting it will guide us. But where we hold back, we will not grow. Behind him is the sky. The design of the clouds. Is the design in the marble. Nature will be our guide. When we watch it we see over and over. Time and patience everywhere. The rain removes the mountain. The volcano makes the island. A sprout becomes a plant.

We are seeds of love growing to our home. But our home is where we are now. Because only love is real. The only skill we have which matters is love.

This card is telling you to slow down. Focus on details. Know you are growing. Know something good is in store, if you can be patient. There is love out there for you. But it takes time, and focus and patience. This card is telling you it will come. And it is telling you the path you are on is right. Keep your focus. Keep on keeping on.

Seven of Pentacles

Today is the 7 of Pentacles.

In the card before we saw the 6 of pentacles. It spoke of a return on an investment. The energy, the money, the time we spent in the past coming back to us. But we have to keep working. In the 7 of pentacles we see the work we have done. There is a temptation to feel discouraged we have not reached success.

This is pentacles. And they represent the material world. Seven tells us to keep going. Don’t spend too much time on the past. Thinking about what we’ve done. But move along to the future.

In the next card we see the 8 of pentacles. A person who has developed a skill. A person who learned a lesson. They have become a stronger person. If we give up and the 7 of pentacles we never see the 8 so close.

In numerology 7 is an important number. It carries with it a power of knowledge. If we knew the next step in our journey, imagine the power it would give us. But truth is we do know. We know the future holds success for us. All we have to do is lift our eyes from the ground. And have faith.

The figure on the card leans on a staff. And seems overwhelmed. Or tired of the effort made. There doesn’t appear to be enough energy to keep going. But we have to find it in ourselves. Because we have the energy. And if we don’t we can ask a higher power for help. The universe wants us to be successful. The universe wants us to be happy. But we have to choose to put our shoulder to the wheel.

Sometimes life feels like Atlas. We roll the rock up the hill. And we roll it up the hill again. And we roll it again and again. And we think we’ll never finish. But the spirit of man grows as he learns to have patience. And to persevere through hard times. If it weren’t for our rock? Who would be be? Where would our strength have come from in life?

But the 7 of pentacles isn’t all bad. It can also just mean we need a rest. Take a rest, but don’t quit the race. If you’ve been working, take a moment to see your progress. Appreciate how far you have come.

The figure looks tired. Sometimes the best way to renew our energy is a simple pause to connect with out breath. Remind ourselves this is not a race. And there is no victor. We are doing our best, with the strength and the skill we have. Don’t feel defeated about what hasn’t been done. Don’t feel too proud of what has been done. The future lays just around the bend. And there is more work to do to arrive.

You don’t have to be your own task-master. The universe wants us to be happy in the moment. And every moment can be joyful.