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Seven of Swords

We someone in this card who has a heavy load. They are still traveling. And they take too much with them. This is the suit of the mind, and ideas. So what we need to release is an idea. Or many ideas which may have served us at one time. But isn’t anymore.

Years ago I heard heard the ancient people based the seven-day week on what a person could work. They found after six days people needed a day to rest. And the creation of the world in seven days. An extension of this finding. If people needed a rest after six days. Maybe God did too.

But back to our card and what it is telling us. Give yourself a break. Maybe your ideas are too high. There is no perfection in this world. And while we can keep on dreaming of living in a perfect world. We should stop beating ourselves up for not being in this perfect world. In this world there are delays. In this world we have days we don’t work at our peak. In this world we help others at our own cost. In this world, we are not perfect. No matter how hard we try.

In the last card, the six of swords we started our journey. We thought we could leave our troubles behind us. But we created those troubles. And we keep on creating them. We carry to ideas and the troubles with us as we travel. In this card we are still moving. Slowly we learn to let ideas go. In this card we see two swords are being left behind. This is a good sign. But will it be enough, and will it be soon enough.

In the next card we see someone bound. They haven’t done enough to let the old ideas go. And now those ideas and expectations have them bound. We can’t escape our troubles anymore. We either face them, or like the figure in the next card blindfold ourselves to the truth.

In the seven of pentacles we see a person with too much work. They have a pile of work. And it appears to be so much work they haven’t started. It is like the task has defeated them before they could start. I know this has happened to me. And no doubt to you. Those moments where you feel you can’t finish. But you haven’t even started.

The seven of swords is telling us how to escape. We shouldn’t put down all our swords. But we can’t go on carrying them either. Put a few down today. And tomorrow a few more. Then the next day. Find the right balance between what pushes you forward and holds you back.

In the seven of cups we see where our imagination can take us. Is is the opposite in some ways of the seven of swords. We imagine our way into the future. But we fail to focus on the hard work of the present. And we get lost in our images.

This card is telling you today to take a break. Give your self credit for what you have done. You are an amazing person for everything you do. And maybe even more so for the things you hope to accomplish but do not. I’ve long felt t0-do lists were healthy. But those who fail on their lists are the good ones. They have aimed higher than they could reach. But how many people will make a list below what is possible: they always mark off every item. A trick for to-do lists by the way. Make a bunch of easy items. You can cross them off first. And it gives you the feeling of getting things done. This can be great motivation.

Don’t be bound to ideas which no longer serve you.

The Chariot

We have made our choice. We are on our mission. But it isn’t so simple. In every card so far we see a polarity. In The Lovers there is the choice. In The Hierophant and the High Priestess the two pillars. The Emperor is perched on a thrown with two solid arms. And in The Empress we have life and death. The Magician brings us the energy of heaven and earth. So now we come to the point of union. In this card we merge these forces.

Everything which came before goes into this card. With the choice made in the last card we move forward. We are Arjuna on the battlefield of our life. And like Arjuna we need to focus. We need to bring together all the energies of life and death. Of black and white, and up and down. Unite them to a single purpose. In some decks this is called the card of victory. And it foreshadows The Sun card near the end of our journey.

The story of Phaëton comes to mind. He was the son of Helios. There are several versions of the story. But the key point is he takes his father’s chariot. But like many his hands were weak in the reins. When the horses sense this they take control. The rider is at their whim. They surge across the sky, and burn the land. This card calls for a firm hand. A strong focus.

On the card itself we see two sphinxes. One is black and one is white. This shows the polarity we transcend. The driver sits above these two figures. And sits in the middle. Being drawn to either side with take away from their focus.

Behind the figure is a river and a city. It reminds me of Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon. We have crossed a point of no return and we need to commit. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna needs a friend. Lord Krishna is this friend. And becomes he guide. He can’t afford to hesitate he tells Arjuna. And we can’t either. When the path is clear, we must take action.

Arjuna is concerned about family. He has family on both sides of the war. How can I kill these men, he asks Krishna. And we may have concerns of our own. Maybe we feel like we are pushing others down. As we lift ourselves up. Or it may just be we don’t want to see a conflict. But Krishna tells him to live his dharma. “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” And so should we. While we should use others for our own gain. We also should not dim our own light.

The danger of this card is the power of Caesar. He was supported by the masses in Rome. There were two parties. The populares and the Optimates. His move was against the elites. It was a counter to the old senate class. But we all know history. His actions sparked a long civil war. After five years and many deaths he won. But the republic was lost in the process. Named Dictator for Life, Rome was on the road to empire. The shadow of the warrior is this lust for power. While a leader needs to follow his own heart. So will a tyrant.

The path to true leadership is the middle path. We must remain centered. Like the driver in this card. Over the driver’s head is a canopy. It is covered in stars. The heavens are above us and watching our actions. They are there to lend us wisdom. To guide our path. But also a witness to our sins of pride. Pride comes before the fall. In the end Caesar was stabbed in the back in an attempt to save Rome.

What this card is telling in this reading is the time is now. The time to act is now. Don’t hesitate. You probably already know the right action. But like Arjuna you are unsure. But the number seven on this card shows we are aware. We have the knowledge and the skills. In seven days it is said God created the heavens and the earth. Cross the Rubicon. Take courage. But be ware of the story of Phaëton. We have the strength to hold the reins. If we believe in ourselves. And if we don’t we risk losing control.

The chariot in the card is our body in some ways. It is the vehicle we use to move in life. There is an ancient Hebrew teaching known as the Work of the Chariot. It teaches we are sent as messengers of God’s work. We are a part of this deity. Which is what A Course in Miracles means when it says “only love is real.” Our desires can be used to power our lives. Like the sphinxes pull the chariot. But our higher selves must be the driver.

If you honestly don’t know what the path is right now. You feel lost about what is being given to you as a mission. Then meditate. Take a deep breathe or two. The truth will come to you. And if you still think you haven’t made a choice. Flip a coin. While it is in the air listen to your body. It will be hopefully tense about one result or the other. The most exciting part of this card. Is this is our first card of movement. Our journey is take a real step forward. Your journey is taking a step forward today.

Seven of Cups

This is a card about our dreams and imagination. The card of self creation. We learn to know ourselves. And in doing so learn about our true desires.

In the card we see seven cups. And in each one of them is a different image. There are many areas of our lives we need to understand. To understand our life passion as a whole. In the end it will be about our careers. But also include relationships. It is something we do for ourselves. And it is something we do for the world. It is physical and spiritual. All the paths will take us to the same goal. And it will be the root which feeds everything.

But the different images also speak to a range of dreams. One may dream of being mayor. Another a writer, or a painter or a school teacher. We each have our own path. Our own dream. But beware, to live your passion is the ultimate path less traveled. No one else ever can live your passion. So it is a path you must walk alone.

Don’t limit yourself to having a successful career. Or a relationship which is a success. Even just a spiritual success isn’t enough. You can have it all. And you will if you believe.

And don’t have a narrow view of your options. The universe has a wide view of your potential. You may be a doctor, or a lawyer. Or you could even be a clown. Find your dharma and live it to the fullest.

It is better to live your own dharma badly. Than to live another’s dharma perfectly.

In the card before was the six of cups. We have watered many emotional pots in our lives. And the Six of Cups is where they start to sprout. We have given our love, our spirit. Now this love and spirit is developing. Many of the options in our future are a direct result of this harvest.

But we must be wise. The next card is the Eight of Cups. A card which represents someone who made a poor choice. Or someone focused on a limited choice. Maybe we feel let down by our choices. The path we took didn’t lead to our passions. Or maybe our passions weren’t what we expected.

The world is our oyster. But often we doubt the pearl once it is in our hands. Or we hold on to something we know isn’t right for us. Even as other options remain.

But right now all cards are on the table. The Seven of Cups is providing us with our dreams. But even now the dreams have lost something by becoming real. A writer dreams of stopping to write a book. And then the chance comes, and the hours pass. The stillness of their own voice is too much.

And sometimes just making a choice can feel overwhelming. But all paths lead you to success. Take a breath and let your heart be your guide. Meditate and do yoga. Feel the tension in your body as your examine different options. You know the truth. If you can find a way to listen.

In the Seven of Cups everything is possible. But not everything is probable.

The Chariot

The Chariot card is about two forces.

Two forces opposed to each other. Light and dark. Love and hate. But they need each other. And we need both.

The Chariot card is number 7 in the deck. The number for knowledge. To control these forces, we need understanding. To use these forces we need awareness. We cannot stop these energies.

The world is at a point right now where two forces are strong. On the one hand is the power of love. And the other is the power of fear. Like many forces of duality though, this is all on the surface.

To move forward we must use the skill of the charioteer. With a firm grasp of each force. We make them work together. Like two horses pulling a chariot. We use their power to further our goals and healing.

It takes a focused will to take the reins. When we look at the world and focus. We see how fear and love are related. There is nothing to fear. And everything to love. But when you believe there is everything to fear and nothing to love. Desperation is a natural.

We are all one. And it is not understanding this connection. A lack of focus on what unites us which creates fear. When a person or group feels alone. They feel afraid. When they feel persecuted. They feel afraid.

Some groups try to isolate others. And some try to persecute. But both are lies. No one is alone. No one is persecuted. In the end we persecute only ourselves. We isolate only ourselves. We are all one. This cannot be said enough.

The focused mind can bring together warring people. And can align discordant ideas. The speed of a chariot depends on two horses. They have be to focused. And working towards the same goal. Only a focused mind can.

In the card before this we had the lovers. One of the strongest cards of duality. It is like the first time we have a choice. We must choose. But in this card we have made our choice.

In the next card we face Strength. A powerful card of struggle and balance. In this card the forces are equal. But in the next card they will struggle. We will still need both. So the struggle is to maintain each in its place.

This card could mean you are entering a conflict. This could be between you and someone else. But it is most likely between others. And you are in between. You can’t pick one or the other as being right and wrong. You have to find a way to bring people together. To help them to understand each other.

This is the card in some ways of the diplomat. The person who works to find a deal for everyone. What the world needs now is more diplomats.

Acts of fear are taking place everyday now. And they cause others to react with fear. When we pause and reach into our hearts. We will find peace and understanding. We will see we have not been attacked. Because we cannot be attacked. Only love is real.

We need to spread this message. Help people to understand. If we can we will have fewer acts of fear. And less to fear. Then we will have more to love.

Meditation is a deep focus. We can also pray. Chant the names of the lord. Each drop of love we create adds to the ocean. We are all one so no love is wasted. All hate creates fear.


Seven of Pentacles

Today is the 7 of Pentacles.

In the card before we saw the 6 of pentacles. It spoke of a return on an investment. The energy, the money, the time we spent in the past coming back to us. But we have to keep working. In the 7 of pentacles we see the work we have done. There is a temptation to feel discouraged we have not reached success.

This is pentacles. And they represent the material world. Seven tells us to keep going. Don’t spend too much time on the past. Thinking about what we’ve done. But move along to the future.

In the next card we see the 8 of pentacles. A person who has developed a skill. A person who learned a lesson. They have become a stronger person. If we give up and the 7 of pentacles we never see the 8 so close.

In numerology 7 is an important number. It carries with it a power of knowledge. If we knew the next step in our journey, imagine the power it would give us. But truth is we do know. We know the future holds success for us. All we have to do is lift our eyes from the ground. And have faith.

The figure on the card leans on a staff. And seems overwhelmed. Or tired of the effort made. There doesn’t appear to be enough energy to keep going. But we have to find it in ourselves. Because we have the energy. And if we don’t we can ask a higher power for help. The universe wants us to be successful. The universe wants us to be happy. But we have to choose to put our shoulder to the wheel.

Sometimes life feels like Atlas. We roll the rock up the hill. And we roll it up the hill again. And we roll it again and again. And we think we’ll never finish. But the spirit of man grows as he learns to have patience. And to persevere through hard times. If it weren’t for our rock? Who would be be? Where would our strength have come from in life?

But the 7 of pentacles isn’t all bad. It can also just mean we need a rest. Take a rest, but don’t quit the race. If you’ve been working, take a moment to see your progress. Appreciate how far you have come.

The figure looks tired. Sometimes the best way to renew our energy is a simple pause to connect with out breath. Remind ourselves this is not a race. And there is no victor. We are doing our best, with the strength and the skill we have. Don’t feel defeated about what hasn’t been done. Don’t feel too proud of what has been done. The future lays just around the bend. And there is more work to do to arrive.

You don’t have to be your own task-master. The universe wants us to be happy in the moment. And every moment can be joyful.