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Ten of Wands

The weight of the world can get heavy. This card shows the burden.

What this card shows us is too much. Like all number tens in the tarot. This card is about a completeness. In this case we are tired. Completely overwhelmed. We may feel broken by life. A failure.

On the card we see a figure. And we don’t this this person’s face. Who we are has been lost to our struggle. On the figures back are 10 wands. The focus is down. And on the load.

Wands are about fire. Passion and energy flow from wands. But this card is different. Have our passions resulted in too much for us. Have you decided to take on more than we could handle?

This is one of the darkest cards in the deck. In the minor arcana the tens are the best. Or they are the worst. In this case it is the worst. We are at a point of crisis, but we still have a choice. Much of the burden on our back isn’t ours. We can choose to carry this load. Or we can choose to set it down. It takes strength to carry on, pride to set things down, and wisdom to know which is which.

In the card before we had a defensive stance. Maybe it is a sign we knew we were falling. We stood in the gap and stopped those who could have helped us. And now when we turn around it is hard to see anyone there for us. The figure in this card has taken on too much. But much of it is by choice. And much of the load could have been lightened by help from others.

Maybe it is a passionate belief in ourselves which makes us defensive. We are too stubborn to accept we aren’t perfect. And now our own expectations are bringing us down.

In the ten of pentacles and cups we see a happier scene. In both these cards the figure isn’t alone. The ten a pentacles shows a family and the ten of cups love. But where we are there is no family and there is no love. Or rather when we look around us we do not see family or love.

Maybe the secret to getting out of this despair is to find family. To fill our lives with love. First for ourselves and our dreams. Then for others. True dreams are not a weight. The weight we carry is a sign of how far we are from our dreams.

There is a positive side to every card. This one is a strength of will we are building. We cannot live our lives alone. But dark periods test our ability to be on our own. And when we come through the crisis we are stronger. Since this is number 10 the next number is 1. We start at the beginning. A fresh energy and passion emerge from this night. A new day will arise. Take into the tools you a developing today.

Remember only love is real. And love has no burden. Only love is real. And love has no darkness. We are not failures. We are not broken. And we are not lost forever. If we open our hearts we will find the path again. To a bright future we cannot imagine today.

So today shoulder what you must. Hold on now, knowing tough times don’t last. But tough people do.

The Wheel of Fortune

The children’s song says, “the wheels on the bus go round and round.” So does the Wheel of Fortune.

There is a story of a king. Who wanted a ring made to create happiness when he was sad. But also to create sadness when he was happy. So he went for a wise man. And the wise man put an inscription on the ring. “This too shall pass.”

The Wheel of Fortune represents a turn of fate. If you have been successful, then you may see failure. And if you have been failing, you will see success.

As a 10 it represents an end of a cycle. The card before this was The Hermit. If we are lucky the Hermit gave us the wisdom we need. Either to accept the loss gracefully, or the gain wisely.

Around the Wheel of Fortune are symbols representing the passage of time. Passage of time is one of the constants of life. The change it brings is another.

In the next card we encounter Justice. Having experienced the highs and/or the lows of the Wheel of Fortune we have a new understanding. This new understanding helps us to value balance. It helps us to see the balance of the universe. How all things pass from up to down, from good to bad, from rich to poor and back again.

Being the 10 this card represents a completion. A cycle has been in progress for a while. Either we have been working towards success. Or we have been struggling and failing. In either case this card can be good news. It can represent the success for which we worked so hard. Or it can mean things are as bad as they’ll get, and soon will improve.

I think sometimes we can turn the wheel ourselves. We can choose to believe in the future. We can know our present circumstances are not set in stone. We can turn the wheel and change our fates. We can change our thoughts on the world. We can change our ideas. We can turn success into bigger success and failure into winning.

The Wheel of Fortune tells us change in coming. We should be open to the change. Embrace the change. Learning to deal with change is one of the biggest lessons of the tarot. And this is one of the first cards in the deck teaching us about change.