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Today was a hot day

It was another hot day in Five Corners, Orchards. But it was my day off and I did get a lot done on various tasks online.

I have been listening to news podcasts, George Will just made a good case for Donald Trump being a Democratic mole set to wreck the Republican party. Man, there are so many people running this year. I haven’t posted any real blog posts in a while.

And writing was a clear challenge for me because of the heat and other tasks I felt I wanted to accomplish. I am in a little of a stuck point on my novel and questioning if I want to write it at all. I do have some good ideas for it, but I don’t know if I can flush it out. I don’t know if I have the skills to write a good novel, as opposed to writing in other formats. I also don’t know if the idea is something rich enough to support a full novel and if the characters I have been thinking about are real enough to be alive for the reader.

Chapter 3

I have introduced my second character. She will be the most supportive and in the end one of the most crucial to the plot. Nominally girl friend to the main character, I think by the end she will play a much more important role in the story.

I didn’t write yesterday. I feel guilty for not writing, for eating so much frozen yoghurt, for being overtime at work, for missing SPARK (a work thing), for being so alone, for not going to yoga, for not going to the gym more, for not finding a better job, for liking the job I have at Wal-Mart.

There is a poem I am thinking of writing too. I think I will try to post it to my LiveJournal by the end of the day. I also need to make sure I start using my To-do list book soon, maybe I will make a list for tomorrow.

Two Chapters

I wrote my second chapter. I mentioned my second character. Tomorrow I hope to write some more.

Work went well,  I cleaned the oven door on the other side. I managed to get it clean enough to see through. This means I have now cleaned both doors well enough to see through. My next project, tomorrow? I don’t know, but I will find something to do some extra cleaning. Tomorrow is my eighth day of eight in a row.

All my words are useless…

I feel trapped under the Bell jar more than ever tonight. All the words I could use to express myself, being soundless to the world outside. The world of you, who never hear a word coming from my mouth. I am alone. No one hears me, and most don’t even see me.

On other news. I know what the second chapter of my book is going to be, and how the third and maybe fourth chapters will begin as well.

I started

So, I didn’t write much but I started my novel. I introduced the key character. After a first short chapter, I am already feeling a little uncertain where I want to take the story line. I know where I want it at the end, and I know who the main actors in the plot are going to be, but the intermediate steps are still fussy. But I took the first step, and every great adventure starts with a single step. Yay for me.

Now for bed.

I could have wrote something today…

…but I didn’t.

I chatted with a friend, watched a DVD from the library. I ate. So now all you have to read is yet another blog post about one of my boring days and my continued lack of writing. Maybe tomorrow I can tell you I started the first chapter in my new book. I have been thinking of the first sentence for a long time. You have to catch people, “In the Beginning was the word…” something to make them stop and focus. I recall reading The Clan of the Cave Bear as a younger person. The first page, she is alone, a child, an earthquake, what is going on, people are dying, is she ok, everyone is dead, how will she survive. It pulled me in enough I couldn’t really stop reading until I finished all 10,000 pages of the book. Ok, it isn’t 10,000 pages long. So my first line is what I have been thinking about. I want to set time to write it and then start rolling into my first chapter. Like when I started reading Clan of the Cave Bear. I clearly didn’t read it all at once, but I want to get enough energy going in the story, so it can continue when I return again and again until I am done with all 10,000 pages.