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The High Priestess

The High Priestess sits on a thrown. But she is not a ruler. The square thrown is the earth. She like The Empress hold the power of earth.
In her hands we see the book of law. But these truths are not given easily. The Priestess makes us work. We must seek and find our own truths. She is only the guide to our own truths. Our own answers.

Her robes are blue and flowing. A connection to water. The element of emotion. And spirituality. A flowing river which cannot be stepped in twice. Truth is like this river. We cannot know the same truth twice. It is changing and flowing. It cannot be caught.

Her crown is the three stages of he moon. The maiden, the mother and the crone. She is connected to life itself. All stages of life. Because truth and wisdom have their own life. Love is life and life is love. Only love is real. We come to this truth is many ways.

On either side of her are two pillars. One is dark and one is light. She sits between the opposites. Like a truth which is neither here nor there. This is reflected in the cross on her chest. Not a Christian cross. It represents the energy of earth rising. And the energy of heaven descending. As humans we stand at the crossroads. We bring down the energy of spirit like The Magician. But also raise the energy of earth.

The two pillars also reflect the two pillars of the tree of life. This tree in Qabalah represents our world. On the one hand is the lighter column. This is the pillar of Mercy. It bears the Hebrew letter Yod. One of the letters of the sacred name of God. The other pillar is the pillar of severity. It contains the Hebrew letter Beth.

She sits between the two. Not as a judge. She has no attachment to either. Which is why she is the perfect vessel for the book of law. Like her the law stands between opposites.

There is a law in this universe. Not the law of man. And not the law much of humanity believes it understands. The law is love. Because love itself is the most non-judgmental. It stands between. It accepts like The High Priestess.

This card is telling you the truth is within you. Stop searching for someone to show you the way. You know the way. Stop looking for someone to open the door to the law. Only you can open the door. Stand between the two paths ahead. Flip a coin and you will know the truth. The answer is not in the coin. But in your heart you will hope for one over the other. Your body will tell you if you listen.

The High Priestess speaks quietly. She is the still soft voice. But her words are deep and true. Listen to your own still soft voice. In the midst of the chaos of this world. They are deep and true. Be still. But vigilant.

There are changes in your life. You’ve seen the changes. Maybe you aren’t happy with these changes. You feel like you aren’t ready. But The High Priestess is telling you to trust yourself. Trust you are ready. You have the tools within you. In the last card the tools were outside of us. Here the law is close to our hearts.

In those hearts we know only love is real. We know the path which is the most loving. And we hesitate. We question and doubt. But time is passing, The High Priestess reminds us. And our fate is in our own hands.

Two of Swords

First is an idea. And it comes into the world as a thesis. But this creates a anti-thesis. New ideas face opposition. Often from old ideas. Sometimes it is just another point a view. A way of looking at the same thought. But one we’ve never thought of before.

The Two of Swords is this stage of an idea’s growth. In the Ace there was one idea. And it is often assumed it is a new idea. But truth is we don’t know. It could be an old idea. An idea we have clung to for too long. Now we see the otherside.

This card could bring a new focus to our lives. Send our whole thought pattern in a new direction. A truth, just as valid as ours is out there. A truth we have never seen before. But once we see it, it changes everything. Be prepared for your mind to be changed. Accept other peoples ideas openly. You don’t have to agree. But accept they are valid.

My idea is to work hard at any job. I focus on doing a good job for my own reasons. I do it regardless of the pay or the respect I get from others. Now, some people feel like when you are treated and paid like you’re not important. You should work like the job isn’t important. I disagree, but I can accept their logic as being valid.

If we go through life thinking we are the only one right. We will be forever blind to so very much. The world has so many truths and shades. It would be like seeing the world in black and white. Or worse.

The figure on the card is holding two swords. Two concepts of the world. And this figure is blindfolded. The universe doesn’t care about your attachment to an idea. It can an will cut through our mental constructs when they prevent our growth. It does so blindly. A sole focus on truth.

But this blindfolded figure may also be us. We think we know our truth. And we reject opposing truths. But we only know our truth. When we understand the truths with which we disagree. The puzzle of our world is full of truths. Or maybe one truth understood in many different ways. They inter-act. They inter-lock. This creates our world. An amazing image. A totality of little parts.

When we see our truth in the big picture. We see its limits. And understand how other truths complete ours. They aren’t competition. Any more than two puzzle pieces could be competition.

This card is telling us there is another side. And it is a side we may not be able to see by ourselves. It may be a truth we must depend on someone else to bring us. Be open. Be trusting. You don’t have to throw out your own truth. But see another as true.

Unknown possibilities are likely in store for you.

Two of Wands

Every new idea runs into problems. A challenge can give you a boost. Or put you in the ditch. Your choice.

The Two of Wands gives us this choice. In the Ace of Wands our idea was new. Like a spark in the darkness. It was alone.

Wands is the suit of fire. Passion, desire and motivation are wands. There is an element of imagination.

And two represents balance. Our passion doesn’t need to be sexual. It can be for art. For a new career. We may have a passion for changing the world. Our just changing ourselves. There is something raw. A primal energy to wands.

Once a new idea comes into the world it meets a counter. For every idea someone will disagree. Even when those voices are loud. Or aggressive. Listen to what they are saying. If you can hear the message, you can grow stronger.

Some people will fold right away when challenged. Oh, your right, it wasn’t a good idea. And they lose their way. And often their faith in themselves. Others will disregard those who doubt. And those who question. But we need to learn to listen.

There is a path between the extremes. Two is the natural number of duality. But we can see dual forces in a different light. Not as forces in conflict. But forces in balance. Learning to listen is a key step.

When people challenge our passion. Listen to the message. Everyone has been sent to give us a message. Take what you can learn from the message. And leave what does not apply. Be open to flaws. Knowing where our ideas need focus can only help. It is easy to be absorbed by our passion. But sometimes the wrong passion can tempt us too. A friend can see this easier. And even a foe may give you insight. If you reflect on their perspective.

If we know where the holes are, we can patch them. This is the true nature of the Two of Wands. The universe doesn’t challenge us to make us weak. It gives us resistance to make us stronger. We have our own voice of doubt. And often we are bothered by the doubts of others. Because they echo our own. And we are trying to ignore both.

In the next card the Three of Wands we look towards the future. Taking the advice of the Two of Wands we move forward. We are now stronger. Now more focused. The Three of Wands is about growth. But a crucial step in the process is balance.

This balance can be seen in Two of Swords. Where our mental image of the world is questioned. And in Cups where we face the emotions of others.

Take the advice of Two of Wands. Take a breath. Reflect. Listen to the message. Our doubts can make us stronger, if we don’t fold. But use them to refocus, re-engage and re-new our strength.

Two of Cups

When you have Ying, you have Yang. When you have dark, you have light. When you have one, then you have two.

The two of cups is about developing emotions. It could be a love, it could be passion for art, or writing. It could be the birth of child. The One of Cups is us.

In the One of Cups we are learning about our emotions. We are discovering an ability to love. We are finding out about new emotions. But in two we are seeing those emotions around us.

The most clear example is love. We have learned about love in a new way. And someone comes along who we choose to love. If we are lucky they will choose to love us too. Or it could be a piece of artwork being finished. We took our passion and made it real.

Two is about balance. There are many balances in life. And emotionally we remain unbalanced without a reflection. A love is not complete until it is shared. A passion is unfulfilled until it is expressed. Two is about coming out of ourselves.

The suit of cups is about emotions. The deepest are love. And the passion for living. A passion for living can be expressed in many ways. There are many different forms of art.

In the Two of Swords we encounter ideas counter to our own. We imagine they are counter, but sometimes they are complimentary. And though different add strength to our own beliefs. In Two of Pentacles we juggle material things. Our seed is growing. It demands more attention. And others may be joining us. We need to balance our own needs, the needs of others and the needs of the project.

The next card on our journey will be the Three of Cards. The three card represents growth. A love between two people, creating a family. A passion between partners creating a business. Every relationship is a world unto itself. A relationship between people. And a relations between a person and their passion.

Two of Cups is the world unto itself. And three is what grows out of this new world. The product of our love. The product of our passion.

In the card we see a man and a woman. They are each holding a cup. Coming into a healthy relationship we each own our emotions. We hold onto them as ours. But like the people in the card, we hold them in front of us. We are open to sharing our emotions with another. Any honest relationship requires honest communication.

It isn’t just procreation. Many things come into existence due to an equal amount of masculine and feminine energies. The masculine being more aggressive, more assertive and a more demanding energy. While the feminine energy is more forgiving, more healing, more accepting and nurturing. Success takes both. A healthy relationship takes both.

And while it is tempting to think the man can bring the masculine energy and the woman the feminine. This doesn’t work. Each party should have a healthy balance within themselves. We don’t bring half-empty cups to the relationship. We can’t expect the other person to fill our cup.

Understanding this balance is the next step in our growth process. And the Three of Cups is an important point in the journey.