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Moon for March 13

Sunday is a day to rest. Early in the day the moon is void of course. It isn’t back until early afternoon. Don’t forget to change the clocks. Most of us have phones and such which do it themselves. Early in the morning is a sun and moon aspect. The two are sextile. The Pisces sun assisting the moon in Taurus. Today’s energy is low. But grounded and nourishing if we can be open. In the middle of the day the moon enters Gemini. The sign of the twins. This energetic sign is full of ideas. In the peace of the morning rest your mind. You will need the mental energy later in the day. Gemini brings you new ideas. And perhaps a new force of will to think of a different path. When the moon squares Venus we focus on ourselves. We can feel alone. Or we can feel independent. We are not alone. Love can never be alone. Use this time to focus on being a better you. In the evening our hearts start to pull on us. The moon is opposite Mars. In the sign of Sagittarius, our hearts pull us toward a bigger picture. Mars is trying to get us into action. And to get us out of our heads. This is when planning moves into reality.

Moon for March 12

Today Venus moves into Pisces. Where is joins the sun. Mercury is also in Pisces. Start to look beyond what you value. Think of what lays under the skin. They say beauty is only skin deep. Explore what you value at a deeper level. Do you value friendship? Do you value love? And how do you live these values? Remember, beyond the surface. The moon is in Taurus today. This earth sign grounds us in what is real. It takes us into our voice. Patience it tells us, wait and watch. Our emotions are going to help us dig deep. Early morning the moon sextiles Neptune. This planet is also in Pisces. This is a moment to release an image which isn’t serving you. Think about what will be of service to the world. Or least those you love around you. Later in the morning the moon has a meeting with Mercury. A sextile in Pisces. This will bring your mind into the game. New ideas can be found for new values. And we begin to understand how old images are not enough. After noon Pluto will be in trine with the moon. Still in Capricorn. This planet will tap a deep need in you. You feel pulled to a greater cause. A greater love. And you know you are not living values which take you to this love. At the end of the day comes hope. But a trine with Jupiter and the moon could be too much hope. Stay grounded. The planet Jupiter is in Virgo. Staying grounded can be easier if we think of others. How does our vision help others? How does our love serve others? Remember only love is real.

Moon for Feb. 28

This is being posted later today, sorry. And there is a lot to cover. The moon is in Scorpio today. A sign connected to death, and the other world. Scorpio rules over the end of the pagan year. It is a deeply internal sign. But also a passionate one. Today our emotions come from a deep place. We feel the power to change. We can change ourselves. And we can change our world. We may find a passion hiding deep inside. Early in the morning there is a conjunction. The sun and Neptune align. This boosts your creative energy. If you have found a new passion. Then you can use this to brainstorm ways to follow it. Neptune is also a deep connection. It is a place where we bond with each other. We find our voice. But a square between the moon and Venus could add a block. There is no good and no bad. We don’t feel social. And maybe we think differently about our values. Venus is in Aquarius. A sign which promotes thinking outside the box. Our new focus may demand new values. Or at least a change in old ones. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio. And it forms a sextile with the moon early afternoon. This supports a deep change going on inside our hearts. This is really a day of change, if you allow it to be one. Pluto is the furthest planet – and spends the longest in each sign. It reflects changes we go through as a species, as a planet. And it enables us to make a change to create a better world. Pluto is in Capricorn. A sign which encourages us to play it big. Jupiter is next to the party. This jovial planet is sextile the moon. Expect optimism. But try to stay grounded. Jupiter can give you so much faith you over look important doubts. Or you fail to plan. Believe you can do anything, and then focus on how to get it done. Jupiter can make focus on details hard. The last aspect of the day is moon with Mercury. This square slows your thoughts. At the end of a day where so much has been changing. This can be healthy. We need to slow our minds. Take a moment to look back on the day. Reflect on any changes we made. Or maybe changes we didn’t make. Ask ourselves if we took the right path afterall. Because there is no going back. But tomorrow a new path awaits. Remember only love is real.

Moon for Feb. 20

With the moon in Leo we want attention. There is a pull to the spotlight. We may find ourselves playing a part today. Normally the moon can be quite dour. But Leo is ruled by the sun. And it pulls the moon into the party. Early in the day the moon is opposite Venus. This helps pull the crab out of its shell. Venus is the life of the party. The goddess of love. We may find ourselves falling in love today. Or retreating into ourselves to find love. Next the moon is opposite Mercury. There is a clash of mental and emotional energy. We know what is good for us. Our logic and reason tell us. Maybe we know we need to be social. But we are still holding back. There is still an agoraphobic child inside. Later in the day the moon has its only soft aspect. It meets with Saturn in a trine. Tired from a long day. Or just tired, we take comfort in routine. We feel safe with our limits. If we have been out going today. We come home to our own boundaries.

Moon for Feb. 17

Venus was on the move yesterday. It entered Aquarius. This could bring a change of values. We may see a subtle shift in what we find attractive. Venus is the planet of love. So it governs our romantic bonds. But it is also the social planet. The bonds between friends. In addition it rules our values. Not to be confused by our ideas. Which are governed by Mercury. It is what we find attractive. Not just in people. But in many areas of life. from art to home design. Entering Aquarius we are drawn to the unusual. And maybe to the idea of freedom. A feeling of brotherhood. If we aren’t drawn to something outside the main stream. It is something new for us. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. This brings the restless lack of focus. We should move slowly today. A new attraction may tempt us. Bonds formed when the moon is void are not on firm footing. Around the middle of the day the moon enters a new sign. Cancer brings us home. It makes us feel safe. This safe space may support our new bonds. Or our new values. Later in the day the sun trines the moon. This is an ego boost. Our emotions and ego work together. Too often they are kept in a tense balance. But now they are close. Expect a boost of energy.

Moon for Feb. 15

Happy Presidents Day. Early in the day the moon goes void of course. Then it enters Gemini. This is a big change. We leave an earthy moon. In flow with an earthy Venus in Capricorn. This trine is early morning. It grounds us. Gives us a space to breathe. The moon then moves into an air sign. And hooks up with Mercury. The planet trines the moon from Aquarius. All things solid are up in the air. Our minds become more active. This could be a good day to focus. Time to move forward with important ideas. If progress has seemed slow, the pace could change today. When the moon squares Neptune we may lose our way. Our minds are not connected to our emotions right now. And they may wander under away with Neptune.

Moon for Feb. 12

Friday is an active day. The moon is in Aries. This brings a drive to the day. Aries is ready for action. Impatient and itching to go. Early in the day this eager moon meets Saturn. This trine could cause some problems. Saturn is about limits. About time and boundaries. The strong seek to win even with the limits. They may see them as a challenge. Others may give up. Pluto squares the moon next. This stirs up a lot of feelings. It brings issues to a boil. Being open to change will ease the process. Pluto is a transforming planet. And Aries is sometimes too willful to change. A following aspect may push us to rebel. Uranus will align with the moon. This planet is about the beat of your own drummer. Try to not be too willful. You can be too strong today. But rebellion can also be an escape. You see challenges too great. And instead of rising to meet them you write them off. They are not for me, you say. I make my own challenges. This only works if you actually do. Later in the day the sun sextiles the moon. The sun will bring a better mood for all. The sun adds its energy to the moon. The Aries moon. But the Aquarius sun also adds its own message. The message to be you. You may feel strong. You may feel weak. But the best policy is not to act from those spaces. The last aspect is Venus square the moon. Tonight is not the best time to be social. Spend time alone, write and reflect. The day may have been emotional. Take time to process these feelings.

Moon for Feb. 10

There is a lot of activity today. Moon is in Pisces. Early on it squares Saturn. This will ground us today. The moon in Pisces is dreamy. But the planet Saturn helps to wake us. Later a sextile with Pluto brings a deep perspective. This outer planet is always on the other side. But by being far away it holds a grander vision. Look for this big picture. A shared vision. As the day starts Mars will trine the moon. This can charge us to fight for our dreams. To give our hearts. Or it can trigger fears. We either fight or flight. Around mid-day Jupiter opposes the moon. Today is a day to think about career. Set your goals high today. But keep grounded. Jupiter could encourage blind faith. A reckless ambition. Next are two sextiles. One with Venus and the moon. This will happen just after the middle of the day. Love could be a focus again. Your values and your emotions come close. There is a need to reach out to friends. Or to meet new people. Be open to love. Late in the day is sextile with Mercury. This will bring an expression to your dreams. Mercury is the gods messenger. Use this ability to cross realities to bring your dreams to the rest of us. Remember only love is real.

Moon for Feb. 9

Today is a magical day. The moon enters Pisces. This dreamy sign will take you away. But don’t let the lines in the sand get lost. Be sure you know fact from fiction. All this magic is supported by Neptune. This afternoon it aligns with the moon. Love could be in the air today. Neptune will wash away the rules. Our dreams are closer. The spiritual path clearer. But Pisces isn’t an active sign. Take this moment to relax. While dreams may come from sleep. You must be awake to achieve dreams. Late in the day is a trine. Here Jupiter meets Venus. This will bring great faith. You will feel optimistic. But stay grounded. Don’t get lost in the clouds.

Moon for Feb. 6

So much going on Saturday. Lets get started. The moon is void of course early. And for most of the day. Tonight the moon moves into Aquarius. It starts in Capricorn. Early morning the moon hits Mars. Their sextile brings a passion to the day. Mars can be hot blooded. Ready for action. You feel on an emotional level ready to take a step. Later in the morning Mercury aligns with the moon. They are working as one. The passion in your heart. And your mind reach for the same goals. Think about what you have to do. Real steps to reach your passion. It can be done. A few moments later Jupiter trines the moon. This may be too much of a good thing. Take courage and faith from Jupiter. But don’t get drunk on optimism. Remember Mercury and the steps. Jupiter may tempt you to think bigger and bigger. And big thinking is great. But it takes little steps. A sextile with the sun and Uranus will encourage you to step out of line. To find a divergent path to your goal. You can’t get something new, unless you do something new. You will feel motivated to step out of your comfort zone. But it still won’t be easy. Next is Jupiter trine Mercury. This could push you over the edge. Stay grounded. Little steps for a long journey. But don’t be too grounded. This may be the moment you need. The few brave free moments to change your life. A square with Venus and Uranus comes later. This will push you down the lone path. To take the path less traveled. Social fears will hold some back. But if you have been focused on change all day. Then this moment will set you free. Be free. Be love.