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King of Wands

The King of Wands is today’s card. The ruler of the suit of Wands. Or rather one of the rulers. In this card we see a ruling figure alone with his wand. As the King, the figure carries a lot of power. But also a lot of responsibility. To be a good King, or Queen, means to balance of authority. The King of Wands is a person of passions. A person of bravery and convictions.
Wands is the suit of fire. A great drive for success in life. And as the ruler of this suit. This could be the top. The King may have gotten the authority and the respect so long desired. But this power and respect isn’t always easy. Not just in the getting but in the holding. And at times it lacks the allure it held before it was ours. If this person has focused only on power and respect. They may find their lives empty now.

Alone on the card with the one wand. The card is an echo to where the journey started. And it sends a clear message. There is no top to the ambitions of the world. There will always be another mountain. As we reach one goal, we begin the journey to the next. Like Sisyphus rolling his stone up the hill. While the drive for success can be healthy. It can also be all consuming. Like King Arthur who left everything to fight and die in a war far away. We lose touch with what has lasting value. Unlike the Queen of this suit. The King does not look at the viewer. The focus of the King is the wand. When a fire burns just to burn to burns out the fuel it needs to continue.

With any real power comes responsibility. It is easy to forget or not understand. Not just for those lacking in power. But those who do not own the responsibility. People depend on you. There are tough choices to be made. And as a leader an example to be set for others. In this way a clear focus will help the King. With so many people looking to the King as a guide. Distraction is dangerous for the King. It is more than a single person and a single path. But a Kingdom.

The greatest asset to any person is a true passion. But the King needs it even more. There are people driven from within. Then people driven from without. It is a convenience to be driven from without. Your motivation is in the hands of others. But they will rarely push you as far as you can go. And will often hold you back to promote their own ends. But the King cannot be driven from without. The King must have an inner motivation. An inner passion. An inner drive. This is what becomes the focus. When others are not present. When the storms of life beat down. This inner fire like a lighthouse is the way home.

What this card is telling you is your bound for success. Find the inner lighthouse. Be true to your light. Be patient and kind with others. But also with yourself. You are on the right path. But don’t let the path itself be everything. When you sit in the throne, don’t sit there alone. Keep true to your path. If you haven’t just had a great success. in the near future you will. It could be both. But also recall the message. At the end we find a new start. The journey of life goes in cycles, until we find peace.

Page of Wands

The Page was a student. One who served a knight. This page is in Wands. What are the lessons we need to learn. We are growing. And developing our energy.
Wands is about fire. It is about having passion. What is it which drives us in life. What is our dream. The mission of our life. This card to pointing towards events which are helping us on the path. Events may result in ends we don’t foresee. And what we fear today will no doubt be the best for tomorrow.

There are many steps to understanding our passion. Our dharma. It is said the dharma of fire is to burn. And the dharma of water is to be wet. But how many of us live our dharma. Krishna said it is better to live ones own dharma. Even imperfectly. Than to live another’s perfectly.

The future is bright for us. The next card in the deck is the knight of wands. We shall be heroes. But first we need to be a hero to ourselves. Look out for your dream. Take time and invest energy into your passion. If you don’t know what yours is this may be a good time to focus. Think about what brings you joy. What one thing makes the time pass without notice.

We all live our lives working jobs we do not love. Jobs which do not feed our soul. Imagine a world where everyone found their place. Found the one thing which fed their soul. And served the community. The more you work on being you the easier it will get. And being yourself makes it easier for others to be themselves.

When we aren’t living our dharma. We may be trying to live another person’s dharma. But this makes it harder for them to follow their path. They in turn may seek to follow another person’s path. The knock-on effect is endless. But one person on their own path. Not only serves as an example. But sets others free of competition. There isn’t meant to be a contest to serve our dharma.

A page of cups would be learning too. They have to learn about their emotions. And a page of swords is learning about their mind.

But the fire of wands is also about our own source of life. Our heart. What is it which makes us brave. Where do we find courage. Where is our love centered. Remember only love is real. So if you are not living for love. What are you living for then?

This card has come up because you are a student. We are all students. But this is pointing out lessons going on in your life now. What you are going through may not be easy. I doubt the training of a knight’s page was easy. But it is valuable. What you are doing is putting you on your path. And you may not see the whole staircase. But focus on the next step, and the next step.

This card is not a card of action. The knight takes his passion to battle. But first the knight must learn. We are not ready to put our passion into practice today. Even for those who have been very active in their dreams. This card should inspire a pause. It may be time for some to reflect on there they are on the path.

Some may get this card to refocus them on their goal. They may have forgotten their passion. In the day-to-day they lost sight of the big picture. It isn’t always easy to focus on the small steps. And the big picture at the same time. If our passion feels weaker lately. We may have lost sight of one or the other. This card is giving us space to re-focus.

Six of Wands

We have come home to rest. The six of wands shows victory. We ride in the place of honor. The crowds rally around. This is in the tradition of Ancient Rome. Where war heroes were honored with a parade. We are the champion.

Six is a card about return. This success didn’t come in a day. The battle may have been won in day. But it took years for us to be ready. We worked hard. Put our hearts and soul into our passion. The battle only lasted a day. But the preparation for the battle took a life time.

Most recently we had the five of wands. This card gave us the moment to change our focus. Among many on the field of battle our role was clear. In the card four figures hold wands. And one wand stands on its own. This one is un-seen by the figures on the card. The leadership role in our lives waits for us. If we do not step in with a vision, no one will. The figures in the battle are in chaos. Like our life when we wait for someone else to guide it. We took charge, or we wouldn’t be here today.

The figure on the six of wands sits upright. They know they are successful. Their eyes are not on the crowd. But set on where they are going. They see the road ahead. With a strong focus on their passions. They know more battles lay in their future. But they have accepted the honor. A wreath sits a top their wand. They are aware of the crowd cheering them on, and gain courage from them.

The figure wears red. This reflects a being consumed with passion. But also in the best of cases a person of heart. If our passions are guided by our hearts the path is true. But when we listen to other voices we get lost. If we stop and listen to the voices of the crowd. We can lose our focus. But if we rush past the crowd we lost our courage. The word courage comes from old French and Latin. It’s root is in the word for heart. Though we battle alone. Our heart gains strength from a connection with others.

In the next card we return to battle. We face the odds alone. But we know we are not alone. The crowd is still with us in spirit. Our family and our friends are there in the battle. The biggest battles of our lives we must fight ourselves. And it is easy to feel alone at these times. But we are not.

It is interesting how there is also movement in the six of swords. But this movement is different. In that card we go alone into the unknown. Here we face the unknown with a community. It is important to know we don’t always need people to tell us we are right. At times we need to be our own guide and take a path others advise against.

This card is telling us to rest for a moment. Don’t take your eye off your goal. But spend time with friends. Take some time to reconnect with the community. You have come from a great struggle. And another great struggle waits in the future. Accept the support and love of those around you now. You will need it in the times to come.

Check in with your heart. Are you being guided true on your path. The figure in the card is focused. The path is clear. Is your path clear? Do you know what your passion is and why you fight? Make sure you do.

This card may also be a warning. Don’t listen to the voices of the crowd. Even those who love you can mislead you. Listen to your own voice. Also a warning to keep focused. Even while we step away from our struggles, focus. There is one truth. Love.

Ten of Wands

The weight of the world can get heavy. This card shows the burden.

What this card shows us is too much. Like all number tens in the tarot. This card is about a completeness. In this case we are tired. Completely overwhelmed. We may feel broken by life. A failure.

On the card we see a figure. And we don’t this this person’s face. Who we are has been lost to our struggle. On the figures back are 10 wands. The focus is down. And on the load.

Wands are about fire. Passion and energy flow from wands. But this card is different. Have our passions resulted in too much for us. Have you decided to take on more than we could handle?

This is one of the darkest cards in the deck. In the minor arcana the tens are the best. Or they are the worst. In this case it is the worst. We are at a point of crisis, but we still have a choice. Much of the burden on our back isn’t ours. We can choose to carry this load. Or we can choose to set it down. It takes strength to carry on, pride to set things down, and wisdom to know which is which.

In the card before we had a defensive stance. Maybe it is a sign we knew we were falling. We stood in the gap and stopped those who could have helped us. And now when we turn around it is hard to see anyone there for us. The figure in this card has taken on too much. But much of it is by choice. And much of the load could have been lightened by help from others.

Maybe it is a passionate belief in ourselves which makes us defensive. We are too stubborn to accept we aren’t perfect. And now our own expectations are bringing us down.

In the ten of pentacles and cups we see a happier scene. In both these cards the figure isn’t alone. The ten a pentacles shows a family and the ten of cups love. But where we are there is no family and there is no love. Or rather when we look around us we do not see family or love.

Maybe the secret to getting out of this despair is to find family. To fill our lives with love. First for ourselves and our dreams. Then for others. True dreams are not a weight. The weight we carry is a sign of how far we are from our dreams.

There is a positive side to every card. This one is a strength of will we are building. We cannot live our lives alone. But dark periods test our ability to be on our own. And when we come through the crisis we are stronger. Since this is number 10 the next number is 1. We start at the beginning. A fresh energy and passion emerge from this night. A new day will arise. Take into the tools you a developing today.

Remember only love is real. And love has no burden. Only love is real. And love has no darkness. We are not failures. We are not broken. And we are not lost forever. If we open our hearts we will find the path again. To a bright future we cannot imagine today.

So today shoulder what you must. Hold on now, knowing tough times don’t last. But tough people do.

Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands is not an easy card. We are holding ourselves back. We stand guard. But there is no threat. There can be only love. Only love is real. The unreal can never be a threat.

We have carried many wounds. A lifetime of guilt. And shame. It is time to let it go. The suit of wands descends towards doom. Wands represent fire. They are energy. Here the energy is turned against ourselves. We almost completely believe our failure. In the next card we do. And we are overwhelmed. But there is a gap.

We stand in the gap. We are the jail keeper. And the prisoner. The moment we let the past go. Is the moment we let ourselves go. There is a lot of past energy in nines. We create the same world today. As the world we created yesterday. But we can create a different world. We just need to believe.

In the card before this we had the eight of wands. A card of rapid moving energy. Maybe we now feel we moved to fast in the past. Or we let something go by us. We feel stuck in an eternal moment of loss. We do not see the truth. The truth is love.

When you think about yourself. Think about love. Love yourself. Let it all go, everything but love.

The nine of swords is a card of deep regret. Our minds can’t rest. This restless energy is present here too. Our souls can’t rest. In the nine of pentacles we have wealth. The material gains from past investments.

There is a loneliness to these cards. We face our depression alone. We face the troubles of our hearts alone. Or more importantly, we feel alone. But you can never be alone in a world where all is one.

The nine of wands is telling you to come down. You don’t have to be the knight in shinning armor. You don’t have to be the hero. There is something in your life making you anxious. Let it go. It is beyond your control. The hardest thing isn’t always to hold on. But sometimes to let go. Or to know when to let go.

Don’t fight the battle alone anymore. Open your heart. Stop standing in the doorway. Let someone else into your heart. It is you. And only you blocking the way. You and only you make the choice to be alone.

The figure in the nine of cups is alone. The figure in the nine of pentacles is alone. Some may see the glamour in both these cards. But the loss in them is their isolation. No happiness is complete alone.

If you are seeing this card, there is time. Whatever is causing you stress. Or anxiety. Take a moment to question. Is it worth the pain. The loss. Being alone. It probably isn’t.

Remember only love is real.

Two of Wands

Every new idea runs into problems. A challenge can give you a boost. Or put you in the ditch. Your choice.

The Two of Wands gives us this choice. In the Ace of Wands our idea was new. Like a spark in the darkness. It was alone.

Wands is the suit of fire. Passion, desire and motivation are wands. There is an element of imagination.

And two represents balance. Our passion doesn’t need to be sexual. It can be for art. For a new career. We may have a passion for changing the world. Our just changing ourselves. There is something raw. A primal energy to wands.

Once a new idea comes into the world it meets a counter. For every idea someone will disagree. Even when those voices are loud. Or aggressive. Listen to what they are saying. If you can hear the message, you can grow stronger.

Some people will fold right away when challenged. Oh, your right, it wasn’t a good idea. And they lose their way. And often their faith in themselves. Others will disregard those who doubt. And those who question. But we need to learn to listen.

There is a path between the extremes. Two is the natural number of duality. But we can see dual forces in a different light. Not as forces in conflict. But forces in balance. Learning to listen is a key step.

When people challenge our passion. Listen to the message. Everyone has been sent to give us a message. Take what you can learn from the message. And leave what does not apply. Be open to flaws. Knowing where our ideas need focus can only help. It is easy to be absorbed by our passion. But sometimes the wrong passion can tempt us too. A friend can see this easier. And even a foe may give you insight. If you reflect on their perspective.

If we know where the holes are, we can patch them. This is the true nature of the Two of Wands. The universe doesn’t challenge us to make us weak. It gives us resistance to make us stronger. We have our own voice of doubt. And often we are bothered by the doubts of others. Because they echo our own. And we are trying to ignore both.

In the next card the Three of Wands we look towards the future. Taking the advice of the Two of Wands we move forward. We are now stronger. Now more focused. The Three of Wands is about growth. But a crucial step in the process is balance.

This balance can be seen in Two of Swords. Where our mental image of the world is questioned. And in Cups where we face the emotions of others.

Take the advice of Two of Wands. Take a breath. Reflect. Listen to the message. Our doubts can make us stronger, if we don’t fold. But use them to refocus, re-engage and re-new our strength.

Five of Wands

There is a path starting in peace. And it can take us to our dreams. But it passes through struggle. The Five of Wands.

Wands is a card about energy. And the energy in this card is in conflict. There are four figures who appear to be fighting. They each hold a wand. But a fifth wand is taller.

Five is about change. We struggle from the peace we experienced in the Four of Wands. To gain the victory in the Six of Wands.

This may be a simple argument about which is the right choice. It could be a group looking for a leader. It could be a new idea being resisted. These five figures though are not connecting to each other. And none of them see the greater wand in the background.

Could there a uniting force? Is the group forgetting the vision? And the idea which unites them as one? Maybe a leader is present, but no one is listening.

If we are to win. The path has to be together. We need to put aside our petty problems. We need each other. The Five of Wands is a reminder our fears are small. And our love can be larger.

Love is the force which unites. It helps to smooth the path to a true victory. One in which we all win. But we have to let go of what pushes us into these fights. Our small egos.

In the Five of Cups we suffer a loss. And here we also suffer a loss. The loss of our egos. The ego says fight. The spirit says unite. We are all one how can we fight?

The wands is a suit of energy. From the Ace all the way to the Ten. The strongest energy is love. Because it allows all things to be real. And the most real expression of love is forgiveness.

People have hurt us in the past. We have hurt others. People have hurt themselves. And we have hurt ourselves. So we all suffered pain. And we all need love. Put down the wands of ego and hold hands. Forgive them, forgive yourself and be free.

In the Six of Wands there is only one figure. There is only one victory.

The most important person to forgive can be ourselves. We are at conflict with our past. Our fears for the future. Guilt and shame over sins from the past can linger. They must be forgiven. We did what we understood was best then. And now the best thing is forgive ourselves. Forgive who we were then and who we are now.

This card could be a sign we need to evaluate our inner struggles. Think about the ways we battle ourselves. Which side are we on in this inner struggle? Are we missing the big picture?

The figures in this card aren’t connecting. They don’t even look like they care about the battle. Maybe because they know it is pointless. But going back to the peace of the past doesn’t work. The conflicts need to be resolved. The whole made one. A peace cannot endure made of pieces.